• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Tyson Fury hints wife pregnant with 8th child


Tyson Fury, the World Boxing Council heavyweight champion, has dropped a hint suggesting that his wife, Paris, is pregnant with their eighth child. The couple, already parents to seven children, attended their niece’s Sweet 16th birthday party, where Tyson made a playful remark indicating another pregnancy.

Paris, 34, shared photos from the event on her Instagram, prompting Tyson, 35, to comment, “Looking a bit pregnant here.”

Fury further teased the news on his account, praising Paris’s beauty and strength, while hinting at the arrival of their eighth child with the hashtag #eightincoming.

This is not the first time the couple’s baby news has been revealed prematurely. In 2022, Carl Froch inadvertently disclosed Paris’s pregnancy during a live TV broadcast ahead of Tyson’s fight with Dilian Whyte.

Tyson and Paris, married for 15 years, have a large family, including son Prince Rico, born in September. Their other children are Venezuela (13), Prince John James (11), Prince Tyson II (seven), Valencia (five), Prince Adonis Amaziah (four), and Athena (two).

Paris has defended their decision to have a big family, emphasising that they both provide for and care for all their children, despite facing criticism.

She said: “I look after them and I protect them all. I have seen a few negative comments saying, “Oh they have got so many kids, but we are looking after them, feeding them.

“They are all happy, healthy and love each other, so I do not see the problem.”

Additionally, the couple stirred controversy in 2022 when fans noticed a “secret” nanny despite their previous claims of not having assistance in raising their children, as depicted in their Netflix series “At Home With The Furys.”