• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Sports ministry, Effa to create Nigeria sports development pipeline

Sports ministry, Effa to create Nigeria sports development pipeline

The Nigerian Ministry of Sports Development and EFFA Management, over the weekend, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to create Nigeria’s first sports development pipeline to harness sporting talents from the grassroots.

The agreement outlined a strategic partnership to drive progress in various facets of sports management and promotion over the next decade.

Accordingly, the agreement aims at three critical outcomes, which include a master plan for the sports development pipeline; revenue generation through national sports betting and lottery aggregators, and sports marketing initiatives that leverage cutting-edge marketing strategies to amplify the visibility and popularity of Nigerian sports.

“This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in our collective efforts to elevate Nigerian sports to unprecedented heights. Together with Effa Management, we are committed to realizing our shared vision of a vibrant and inclusive sports ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and inspires generations to come,” John Owan Enoh, minister of sports development, said during the signing in Lagos.

According to the sports minister, the sports sector should be private-sector driven, and the partnership will align the sports ministry to deliver the renewed hope agenda of the president. He said further that the ministry has given Effa management an opportunity and platform to showcase Nigerian sporting talents.

Enoh said further that the sports development pipeline will help in recruiting sporting talents through regional, school and interstate competitions at the secondary school level to revive national competitions like the Governor’s Cup and President’s Cup that were the foundational cornerstones of identifying and developing talent at a youth stage.

Kunle Fakeye, CEO, Effa Management, said the agreement will create inclusive sports development across the country. According to him, the pipeline will ensure that the best talent from each region of the country is equally represented.

Hertz Fauzan, head, product and business, Effa Management, said the development pipeline will help build a digital sports standard hub across the country. According to him, Effa will develop multipurpose sports development facilities that will help generate value and revenue through sports and diversify value across Nigerian sports.

According to Fauzan, Effa will design a roadmap for the national sports development pipeline and display the pilot facility and proof of concept within the first 180 days of signing the agreement with the ministry.

“We are honoured to partner with the Nigerian Ministry of Sports Development in this transformative endeavour. Through our combined expertise and dedication, we are poised to unlock the full potential of Nigerian sports, creating opportunities for athletes, enthusiasts, and stakeholders alike.”