• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Osayi-Samuel demands tougher laws to curb fan violence


Super Eagles defender, Bright Osayi-Samuel, has called for stringent regulations to address fan violence following his confrontation with a pitch invader during Fenerbahçe’s match against Trabzonspor in the Turkish League.

The former Queens Park Rangers right-back was actively involved in Fenerbahçe’s 3-2 victory over Trabzonspor, but the game was overshadowed by an altercation between players and certain Trabzonspor fans, prompting Osayi to engage in physical confrontation to protect himself and his teammates.

In an interview with Adepoju Samuel, the 26-year-old disclosed the sequence of events on the pitch that culminated in the unfortunate incident, which subsequently circulated widely on social media.

“I believe the match should have been halted. Our goalkeeper was struck by an object, causing him to bleed. Shortly after, they scored from a free kick awarded amidst the chaos. It was an untenable situation, and we had no choice but to defend ourselves,” Osayi-Samuel said.

Despite receiving accolades from Fenerbahçe supporters, with some commemorating his actions through street murals, Osayi-Samuel stressed that such occurrences should not be tolerated in football.

“Violence has no place in football, regardless of the circumstances. When players are forced to retaliate, it underscores the severity of the situation, especially considering that some fans may possess weapons,” remarked the former Blackpool academy player.

He also emphasised the implications of unchecked fan violence, highlighting its potential deterrent effect on player safety and league reputation.

“If a player sustains injury due to fan violence, it not only affects the clubs involved but also tarnishes the league’s image.

“Players would be reluctant to compete in environments where their safety is compromised. While incidents of objects being thrown onto the pitch are not uncommon in football, it is important for referees to intervene when such behaviour happens.”