• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Is there any future for Van Gaal at Man United?

Van Gaal


Van Gaal

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal could find himself at a dead end at Manchester United if his side continues to display poor performance.

The Dutch man is on the brink of getting sacked following the failing performance of his team. He managed Manchester United to a disappointing exit in the Uefa Champions League group stage, and also an early exit in the Capital One Cup. Saturday’s FA cup clash against Sheffield United created even more negative reactions from fans and pundits, many complained of the style of play and former United player and legend Paul Scholes was quick to air his views and he claimed everybody in Man United looked “bored”, from the fans to players and even the coach, he termed it “Negative Football”. Despite a lead in possession his team struggled to gain a 1-0 lead following a penalty by Wayne Rooney in the 93rd minute.

Old Trafford holds its place in the record books for its warm atmosphere and boring style of play, but Saturday’s FA Cup game only left fans frustrated with the defensive style of play and no goals to show for it.

Again, Louis van Gaalblames his players after they twice threw away a lead over Newcastle United to eventually draw 3-3.

Since taking over as Manchester United manager in 2014, United have spent over two hundred million pounds (£200m) on players recruitment and yet his sides are still struggling to play decent football.

United fans have found themselves in conversations and debates expressing their dissatisfaction rather than the entertainment and grip of the sport. The underlying questions are, how long will the van Gaal era last? Could there be any possible bail out for the team?

The first possible action is to write off the season as just another trophy-less run and to dismiss the Dutch boss. There are many supporters of this action round the world but a good replacement might amount to another problem for the team, various speculations have been directed towards former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs and Pep Guardiola, all currently available.