• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Fury reveals next plan after Usyk defeat


Tyson Fury has outlined his immediate plans after returning from Saudi Arabia in a £34 million private jet following his split decision loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

The 35-year-old missed the chance to become the unified heavyweight champion of the world, marking the first professional defeat of his career.

Speaking after the fight, Fury shared his intentions to recuperate by enjoying some food and drinks.

“I’m fresh out of the fight, as you can see from my face I’m a bit busted up. And he’s gone to the hospital with a broken jaw and he’s busted too,” Fury said.

“So we’ve punched the s*** out of each other for 12 rounds there. I’m going to go home, eat some food, drink some beers, have some family time, walk the dog, and go to the tip. And me and Frank will talk about what’s going to happen in the future.”

Despite an automatic rematch clause in the fight’s deal, Fury is not focused on that at the moment. He flew home after banking around £80 million from the bout.

At the post-fight press conference, Fury addressed his future in boxing, hinting at the possibility of retirement.

“I’m not boxing here because I’ve got no money. I’m boxing because I love it. Do you understand? I’m 36 in a few months and I’ve been boxing since I was a child so it is what it is,” Fury said.

“Where does it all end? I’m not sure but the thing is, all the time I still love the game, and I was having fun in there, I was really enjoying myself, then I’ll continue to do it and when I can’t do that anymore, I’ll pack it up.”

While retirement is a consideration, a rematch with Usyk seems more likely in the near future. Fury has already hinted at a potential date for their next bout, suggesting fans might not have to wait long for a sequel to their thrilling encounter.