• Monday, July 22, 2024
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FIA says refuelling could return to F1



Race refuelling could return to Formula 1 in the near future after FIA President Jean Todt confirmed it is on the agenda again.

Refuelling was banned in 2009 as part of a sweeping change of F1 regulations in 2009, primarily as a way of reducing costs, but set to be discussed at next week’s Strategy Group meeting in Geneva.

The practice of refuelling during a race, which was permitted between 1994 and 2008, drew a mixed response from fans and teams at the time, with a recent study concluding it had a negative effect on the racing and the likelihood of on track overtaking.

However, with the sport under pressure to discuss ways to improve the spectacle of F1, refuelling – particularly in conjunction with a desire to increase speeds and supply higher degrading tyres – could well make a return in 2017.

Indeed, Todt says there may be advances now that overcome the original issue of costs, confirming that the matter will be considered amongst the teams and Bernie Ecclestone next week.

“We should at least discuss it,” he said. “You know the reason why it was banned? It was the cost of carrying the fuel rig. Now we are in a kind of modern area where we know how it works.

“We are talking about 50,000 euros a year. If it is good for the show…I’m in favour of reducing the cost but that is not a key point on the global cost of Formula One.”