• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Bellew predicts Joshua to knock out Dubois in round two


Former WBC cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew has boldly predicted that Anthony Joshua will knock out Daniel Dubois in the second round.

The potential fight, slated for September 21 at Wembley Stadium, is part of the Riyadh Season Card being planned by Saudi boxing chiefs. While the fight has yet to be confirmed, Bellew has already made his strong prediction.

When asked if Dubois possesses any attributes that could trouble Joshua, Bellew told Lucky Block Casino.

“Of course, he can punch. But AJ’s technically better than him, more fluid than him, quicker than him, hits harder than him. Everything Dubois is good at, AJ is a bit better at. And he also has a defense.”

Bellew acknowledged Dubois’s strengths, noting his powerful front-foot pressure and reasonable speed for his size. However, he emphasised Joshua’s superior athleticism.

“AJ’s a freak. AJ’s the best athlete the heavyweight divisions probably ever had as an athletic specimen. If you put AJ in a 100m race [against the other heavyweights], lifting weights, how far he can jump, how high he can jump – I promise you he’d win the lot. It’s just getting all that package put into one.”

Regarding the potential bout, Bellew was unequivocal: “AJ vs Dubois, I think if that fight gets made, it’s over inside two rounds. I think he won’t miss him. As long as Joshua goes in with the same attitude that he went in with against Francis Ngannou, it’s over in two rounds. I don’t see any other outcome.”