• Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Zap Africa Partners with Infusion Lawyers to Strengthen Regulatory Compliance


Zap Africa, a leading Nigerian crypto-tool software development company, proudlyannounces a strategic partnership with Infusion Lawyers, a prominent virtual law firmspecializing in intellectual property and technology. This collaboration underscores ZapAfrica’s dedication to transparency and compliance within the dynamic legal landscape ofcryptocurrencies.

Infusion Lawyers boasts accreditation from key regulatory bodies including the Trademark,Patents, and Designs Registry, the Commercial Law Department, the Ministry of Industry,Trade, and Investment in Abuja FCT, Nigeria, and the Corporate Affairs Commission.

By teaming up with Infusion Lawyers, Zap Africa gains access to a team of seasonedexperts with unparalleled expertise in cryptocurrency regulations.

In an official release, they noted that the partnership will focus on:

– Unwavering Compliance: Keeping Zap Africa abreast of regulatory changes in thecryptocurrency sphere.

Proactive Guidance: Steering Zap Africa’s software development processes to align withcurrent and forthcoming regulations.

“Mitigating Legal Risks: Identifying and addressing potential legal challenges associatedwith crypto software development.

Tobi Asu-Johnson, CEO of Zap Africa, expressed confidence in the partnership’s potentialimpact, stating, “Zap’s operations serve as a shining example of how cryptocurrency and
DeFi can be harnessed responsibly to empower the Nigerian people. Our platform stands as a testament to the fact that, with a responsible approach, the crypto industry can offer Nigerians secure, inclusive, and transformative financial services. I am confident that our work will play a pivotal role in shaping a more open, progressive, and inclusive financial
future for Nigeria.”

More about Zap Africa
Zap Africa is a software development company dedicated to building a future anchored in
secure, accessible, and transparent crypto software tools. These tools facilitate financial
inclusion, enabling Nigerians to actively participate in the global economy on their terms,
fostering prosperity through universal access and financial inclusivity.

For more information about Zap Africa, visit https://zap.africa
Social Media: @getzapnow