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Top 5 Nigerian Pepsi ambassadors and how much they are paid

Top 5 Nigerian Pepsi ambassadors and how much they are paid

Away from providing convincing enchanting profitable spaces for employment in Nigeria, the Afrobeat curriculum has also graced the Business phase.

Since the peak of its buoyancy, incredible numbers of convincing firms have undoubtedly invested in the Afrobeat firm to boost the nature of their stock exchange.

These are specifically embedded mostly in its veterans who have just quite astonishingly infused the marketing value of firms with their massive influence.

One of the famous firms that have invested enormously with Nigerian entertainment icons has turned out to be Pepsi which has so far graced a vast number of highly profiled Nigerian entertainment moguls who have also graced the Carbonated Drink firm.

According to Wikipedia, Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by Pepsico which was originally developed and created in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad’s Drink. However, it was renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898 and then shortened into a modified name Pepsi in 1961.

They kept a reputation that advanced their business perfection until it dominated the whole world and evolved to be one of the world’s best-selling Soft Drink firms in the entire world.

Since they graced West Africa, Nigeria has been termed one of the most dominant countries selling and producing authorized Pepsi at a high rate improving the stock exchange.

Sources have confirmed that every single year, Pepsi records over $7.12 billion in sales from Nigeria and produces over 1 billion Pepsi carbonated drinks disbursed to several regions ranging from wholesaling and Retailing.

In Nigeria, Recognised statuses in the entertainment forum are identified as National Assets amid how firms invest in them because of the view of their extraordinary influence.

Firms Like Pepsi have always been the foreign business body that has graced this space in Nigeria most often having secured mouth-watering deals with Nigerian Afrobeat sensations.

In this article, we will discuss the status of these top 5 stars and how much they earn.


The Nigerian Afrobeat sensation and influential Gem, David Adeleke who is popularly known as Davido is the highest-paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria.

Having Bossed the Afrobeat statics in early 2012-2013, Davido gained prominence by dropping an evergreen debut single ‘Dami Duro’ – a track off his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ which graced every Afrobeat enthusiast playlist. This thrust him to consistently release enormous hit songs that earned him a rigid fan base identified as 30BG that reformed his influence to what every single firm admired to date.

As his influence grew over the years, Pepsi contacted the Afrobeat Gaint on this day, 2nd, April 2016, and handed him a tempting offer that he couldn’t resist.

He was offered a whopping currency of $100 million on a 2-year contract which he has continued to renew to date.

He is adored for having influenced the firm as several sources have confirmed his fans are always keen on consuming Pepsi in line to satisfy and boost the endorsement deal of their mentor.

Away from the business phase, Davido has always shown compassion embodying his duty with the Carbonated Drink firm for always appearing and nailing his roles on their advertisement statics.

He is recognized as one the eldest Nigerian Afrobeat star to secure the heart-melting deal.

$12.9 million

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun who is better known by his stage name, Wizkid is another Afrobeat Giant to have influenced Pepsi marketing statistics in Nigeria. According to sources, Wizkid is the second-highest-paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria with a tally of $12.9 million deal.

Just like Davido, his Pepsi Ambassadorial deal came quickly a year after his total dominance in the Afrobeat Curriculum. In 2011 after shortly signing for EME Wizkid bossed the music space by releasing his debut single ‘Holla At Your Boy’ which graced every single listening ear of Afrobeat enthusiasts.

A vast number of people jammed to the song promoting the release of his highly anticipated debut album ‘Superstar’ which attained him prominence. His fans grew in power and love making him the most influential African music mogul to date.

He continued to boss his space consistently until the popular Carbonated Drink firm recognized him in 2012 and offered him a deal.

The first deal was roughly $350k which he accepted without hesitation. As the years spanned, he evolved to be even what every firm admired thrusting Pepsi to improve vastly with their deal.

According to several sources, Wizkid is currently paid a tally of $12.9 million yearly for aiding market value domination with his influence.

Wizkid is also recognized as one of the Afrobeat artists to have maintained the most extended endorsement active deal with Pepsi. He has also shown commitment to his duty having appeared boldly on their advertisement activities most often.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwatope Omolara Savage who Is known professionally as Tiwa Savage also has graced the Pepsi Ambassadorial deal.

Relating to Davido and Wizkid, earned a mouth-watering deal in 2012 after she had dominated the Afrobeat genre with her incredible talent.

The Nigerian Afrobeat sensation identified as the queen of Afrobeat attained stardom after signing with the heated Afrobeat Record Label, Mavin Record Label owned by Nigerian music mogul, Don Jazzy in 2011.

Being one of the pioneers of the current buoyancy of the Afrobeat, the beauty of her incredible musical talent attained her an admired fan base rapidly which also infused her influence.

This attracted Pepsi to her status and they offered her a whopping Ambassadorial deal that has grown to be worth over $38.9k to date.

Tiwa Savage also is recognized as one of the early benefactors of Pepsi’s endorsement deals having graced the contract for over a decade to date.


Divine Ikubor who is famously known as Rema is another Afrobeat modern-day Gem that has influenced Pepsi’s Ambassadorial deals.

The 2000s young Afrobeat sensation who has incredibly earned his mark in the Afrobeat Genre attained prominence after signing with Don Jazzy’s Mavin Record Label and D’Prince’s Jonzing World.

Releasing evergreen hit songs consistently earned him a reputable legacy he embodies to date.

Pepsi recently recognised him and endorsed him with a contract worth $1.5k including one year of free Pepsi supply making him one of the youngest Richest Afrobeat sensations to date.

Ayra Starr

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe popularly adored as Ayra Starr is a Nigerian new-era Afrobeat icon who has astonishingly earned her mark since signing to Mavin Record Label.

Following Rema’s Legacy, Ayra Starr incredibly rose to fame after her debut EP dominated several charts and also bagged astonishing streaming numbers despite debuting as a youngster.

She is admired for her powerful vocal and musical composure which has also earned her global recognition.
Her endorsement deal with Pepsi spanked shortly after the Carbonated Drink firm endorsed fellow Mavin Record signee, Rema. She is reportedly paid $100k.