• Monday, May 27, 2024
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Coastal highway announcement boosts value potential for paramount twin towers by Palton Morgan holdings

Coastal highway announcement boosts value potential for paramount twin towers by Palton Morgan holdings

Palton Morgan is excited to announce to its esteemed clientele of Paramount Twin Towers in Oniru, Victoria Island that the recent unveiling of the expansive 700-kilometer Lagos-Calabar Coastal highway project will have no adverse impact on the Towers. The project’s announcement has sparked conversations and considerations about its potential effects on properties like Paramount Twin Towers.

Contrary to concerns, this new coastal highway initiative brings a unique opportunity for Paramount Twin Towers to enhance its value and appeal significantly. The proximity of the highway will not only enhance accessibility to the Towers but also elevate their overall allure and desirability. With upgraded connectivity and infrastructure in the vicinity, Paramount Twin Towers is positioned to benefit from heightened demand and increased value.

It’s essential to recognize that significant infrastructure endeavours like the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway often catalyze substantial development and progress in neighbouring areas. Given the highway’s close proximity to the Paramount Twin Towers, a positive impact on property values and market dynamics is anticipated. Customers can anticipate a rise in property worth aligned with improved accessibility and the potential for both commercial and residential expansion in the vicinity.

At Paramount Twin Towers, we are dedicated to ensuring that the construction of our project progresses swiftly and efficiently. Our team is working tirelessly to meet our target of delivering the project by 2026. This involves careful planning, coordination, and execution of various construction phases to ensure timely completion while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our commitment to delivering outstanding quality and value to our customers is unwavering throughout this construction process. We prioritize excellence in every aspect of the project, from design and materials selection to construction techniques and finishing touches. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed the expectations of our valued customers, ensuring that Paramount Twin Towers stands as a testament to luxury, functionality, and superior craftsmanship.