• Monday, April 15, 2024
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The Alkebulan Tribe NFT, Comic and Gaming Society is set to unite Africa’s rich history with Technology

The Alkebulan Tribe NFT, Comic and Gaming Society is set to unite Africa’s rich history with Technology

Here’s how you can be a part of it

In a bid to unite Africa’s rich history with technology and give the African narrative a bold footprint on the Metaverse, a team of Nigerians have created a collection of 6000 unique character NFT pieces called “The Alkebulan Tribe.”

The Alkebulan Tribe is a comic and gaming NFT project, and it tells the story of Africa’s tradition, culture, folklore, warriors, royalty, and gods to the world through NFTs.

With the awareness rapidly spreading about these unique digital assets called NFTs, the timing for the creation of the Alkebulan Tribe pieces is spot on. The Alekbulan Tribe is a collection of 6000 unique digital art pieces.

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The team of creators comprises amazing digital artists and animators, developers, tech creatives, and entrepreneurs. Their sole mission being; to unite Africa’s rich history with technology using comic books, games, and NFTs.

Some members of the team of creators include; Creative Director at Comic Republic, Tobe Max Ezeogu, Co-Founders of the decentralized social media growth-boosting platform WEWEtube, Justice Eneje & Emmanuel Adoga, Marvelous Ayodele, Scott C. Eneje, Micheal Eneje, & Joshua Seyi Lore.

Set to release the collection to the public in March 2022, the creatives behind this project have dedicated their time and effort to teach interested individuals from all over the world, about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse on their private Discord community and social media channels. To get involved, join the tribe on Discord here http://discord.gg/cEbywdgevm

Owning pieces of the AlkebulanTribe NFT collection entitles the holder to be a shareholder in their character’s skin variation. Holders of the Alkebulan Tribe NFT also get access to the Tribe’s sandbox facility on the metaverse.

An NFT is a unique digital token in an original and non-interchangeable digital asset record stored on the blockchain network. The ownership of the NFT token is attributed to the crypto address where the token is located, and data such as price, transaction history, and ownership are forever stored and accessible on the blockchain network.
For more information about the Alkebulan Tribe visit https://alkebulantribe.io/
Or follow the Alkebulan Tribe on Instagram @alkebulantribe and Twitter @alkebulantribe