• Saturday, March 02, 2024
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Project Empower: Fueling a Skill-Driven Economy

Project Empower: Fueling a Skill-Driven Economy

Economies the world over are powered by businesses that provide jobs for citizens and pay taxes to the government, creating a vault of wealth for the nation. In essence, wealth generation is a direct consequence of job creation which is a direct product of skills. In Nigeria, however, many constraints abound that stifle the lack of wealth creation, one of which is the lack of access to credit, inadequate supporting infrastructure and, even more challenging, the absence of skills in young people to contribute their quota to national prosperity.

With these three being a cause for concern, even more worrisome is the lack of skills by young people to make meaningful contributions to their lives and society. This has caught the attention of IHS Nigeria, a company that makes significant sustainability efforts in communities where their footprints are found. It has created Project Empower to reverse the trend and change the narrative by providing youths with a unique opportunity to get skilled, upskilled, and mentored. This will be executed hands-on, transforming their potential to compete with their peers globally.

Project Empower is a sustainability initiative of IHS Nigeria that seeks to empower local communities with the human capital needed to create businesses and jobs to uplift the locals out of lack and poverty. It gives a head start to young people without skills and accelerates the paths of those already skilled by upskilling and matching them with experienced advisors to boost their potential. Project Empower aims to advance the sustainable development goal of promoting lifelong learning opportunities by increasing the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills. It promises to impact and virtually connect five hundred business owners with seasoned advisors across ten different industries through business assessment, advisory services, and capacity building.

To know how to become an advisor or beneficiary of Project Empower, visit https://www.projectempower.org/ today to get started. Join the many already fired up to change the course of their lives, businesses, and communities for the good of society.

IHS is one of the leading owners, developers and operators of shared communication infrastructure worldwide, providing mission-critical communications infrastructure to customers and facilitating mobile communications coverage across eleven markets. It is committed to touching individuals, businesses and communities through its four-pillar sustainability strategy woven around ethics and governance, education and economic growth, environment and climate change, people and communities, tailor-made to suit the needs of local host communities.