• Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Davidorlah Farms, Pineapple real estate farming


Davidorlah Farms is a subsidiary of Davidorlah Nigeria Limited, an Agritech company that specialized in pineapple farm estate management and services. With over 8 years of experience in pineapple farming and fresh fruits supply chain, we have established a strong reputation for production and supplying high- quality pineapple fruits.

There is a problem that has persisted for more than 5 decade which Davidorlah is solving right now. The importation of Pineapple fruits, Importation of pineapple fruit concentrate.

To solve the above problems Davidorlah is currently developing and managing one of the biggest pineapple farm estate in Africa, these gives individuals opportunity to own a pineapple farm land with as low as #500, 000 initial deposit, earning 36% rent per annum. You get all the document that proof you are the owner of the property.

In few months from now Davidorlah will unveil the biggest pineapple fruits concentrate factory in West Africa. This factory will provide job opportunity to not less than 10,000 Nigerian both direct and indirect labour.

There is need to continue expanding our pineapple farm, to increase our capacity in terms of production. You can be part of this by becoming a pineapple land owner today.

For more enquires:
Visit our website https://davidorlahfarms.com/ownership/

Contact: +2348116464307
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Davidorlah Farms Prosperity For All.