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Petty trader worried over daughter’s medical bills

Name:  Funke Adeyanju

State of Origin: Ogun State

Dependants: Four children

Business: I used to sell bread, biscuits, chin-chin and other handy snacks in front of my house in Ikotun but the business packed up after my daughter had an accident in October 2016, which gulped the little money I had, leaving me broke.

Her boss in a photography studio, where she worked as an apprentice, had sent her on an errand. On her way back, a car hit the motorcycle she boarded and sped off.

She was rushed to Igando General Hospital but we had to take her to a traditional bone setter to cut down cost. She was there for seven months but there was no improvement. The bones could not be set and the sore could not heal.

We took her to Igbobi Hospital, paid N20,000 for tests but were told she would be admitted. We had to pay N10,000 daily. So, we left Igbobi for Ikeja General Hospital, Ikeja.

She was admitted at the hospital but when we could no longer pay her bills, we were told to take her home. Now, we go to the hospital once in three days.

How much is the bill? We were given a total bill of N418,200. They said the leg needs surgery but I don’t know where to get that kind of money from. My husband, a motorcyclist, has given up hope since his motorcycle developed a series of faults a month ago.

Profit: I made profits from the business while it lasted, enough to contribute towards the upkeep of the family.

School fees: My children stopped going to school in March this year because there was no money to pay their school fees.

House rent: Our house rent expired in November 2016. My brother-in-law was kind enough to give us a room to live in.

Feeding: Since my daughter had the accident, we have been living on the goodwill of others. Some people give us money to buy food.

Challenge: I want my daughter to be able to walk again.

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Chinwe Agbeze