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BusinessDay reader donates N344,000 to motorcyclist


Onyekachi Odii, the wife of Sunday Odii, a motorcyclist in Lagos, has received N344,000 donation from a BusinessDay reader to pay for her husband’s medical bills.

The mother of eight was featured in this section of Thursday, December 14, 2017, where she pleaded with kindhearted Nigerians to help her husband stay alive.

Sunday Odii had an accident on Thursday December 2, 2017 on his way back from work along Mowe-Ibafon road and hit his head on the pavement. He was rushed to Idara Hospital where oxygen was given to him because he was unconscious and referred to two hospitals before he was finally admitted in University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan. Sunday slipped into coma in December 2017 and when he was out, his treatment was stopped due to lack of funds.

‘‘All we had have gone into paying his medical bills and we are currently in debt. We have no money left on us and his medical bills keeps piling up. My husband’s life is at stake. We need N400,000 to help him stay alive,’’ Onyekachi appealed.

Onyekachi Odii received N344,000 from an anonymous BusinessDay reader to pay for her husband’s medical bills.

Presenting the cheque of N344,000 to the recipient recently, Hope – Moses Ashike Senior Correspondent, BusinessDay, urged Onyekachi to use the money judiciously.

‘‘Times are hard but thank God for this spirit-filled Nigerian who saw your husband’s case and decided to help. Ensure you channel the money to the right use and take good care of your husband,’’ Ashike-Moses advised.

Delighted Onyekachi who was moved to tears by the show of love thanked her donor immensely for assistance.

‘‘I don’t know the person that gave us this money but my God who knows you, will reward you and your generation. As you have helped me, God will always meet you and your household at the point of your needs anytime you need help,’’ Onyekachi said.

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