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Motorcyclist’s daughter undergoes successful surgery


Sukurat Wasiu, the daughter of Wasiu Jimoh, a motorcyclist and part-time vulcaniser in Ogun State, underwent a successful surgery recently.

The motorcyclist who could barely hide his joy when BusinessDay visited Central hospital Aroje-Abaa, now Datmo hospital in Ogbomoso area of Oyo state where the surgery was performed said he will forever remain grateful to BusinessDay and everyone that donated money to save his daughter’s life.

‘‘I thank all the people that contributed money for Sukurat’s surgery and I pray that they will never encounter such problems in their life. I also pray for BusinessDay that the company will continue to move higher,’’ said Wasiu Jimoh, the motorcyclist.

Sukurat took ill in 2015 and was diagnosed with typhoid but when her stomach began to bloat, a scan was conducted which showed that her intestine had punctured and she was defecating inside her body instead of excreting through her anus.

The motorcyclist was featured in this section of Thursday October 19, 2017, November 9, 2017 & December 7, 2017, where he said he needed help to pay for his daughter’s surgery.

‘‘They need to return her anus to the rightful position so she can excrete like a normal human being but sadly, I cannot afford to pay for the surgery,’’ said Wasiu.

‘‘The total amount given to me by Central hospital Aroje-Abaa for both the surgery and my outstanding bill from the previous surgery is N1.1 million.’’

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, the motorcyclist received the sum of N300,000 from an anonymous reader who gave a petty trader featured in this section of Thursday May 25, 2017, N100,000 to start foodstuff business.

Wasiu also received the sum of N250,000 and N5,000 respectively from two anonymous readers, bringing the total donation to N555,000.

Sukurat’s situation got worse and a surgery was hurriedly carried out on her which was successful. She has since been discharged from the hospital.

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Chinwe Agbeze