• Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Motorcyclist needs help to pay for daughter’s surgery

Name: Wasiu Jimoh

State of Origin: Oyo

Dependents: Five children

Occupation: Motorcyclist

I am a motorcyclist and a part-time vulcaniser. The business is profitable but my daughter’s sickness has emptied my pockets. My wife is a tailor but patronage has been very poor.

What is wrong with your daughter?

It all started in 2015. I got a call from my wife who lives in Ogbomoso, Oyo State with my children, that my 13-year old daughter- Sukurat was very sick. According to my wife, Sukurat fell ill in November 2015 and my wife rushed her to the hospital. The doctor told my wife that Sukurat had typhoid but at a point, the doctor said he cannot handle my daughter’s case anymore.

My wife took her from one hospital to another and was told my daughter’s case was beyond them. When the hospitals started rejecting, my wife decided to notify me.

So, I left Sango Otta, Ogun State for Ogbomoso. On arrival, I saw my daughter in a pathetic state. Her stomach was bloated like a pregnant woman. I sought advice from people and was directed to Lautech Teaching hospital Ogbomoso in Oyo state to see a doctor. A scan was done which showed that my daughter’s intestine had punctured and she was defecating inside her body instead of excreting through her anus. I deposited N100,000 and she was taken to Central hospital Aroje-Abaa, Ogbomoso where the surgery was carried out.

So, what’s the problem now?

Doctors have affirmed that my daughter is fine but they need to return her anus to the rightful position so she can excrete like a normal human being but sadly, I cannot afford to pay for the surgery.

How much is the bill?

The total amount given to me by Central hospital Aroje-Abaa for both the surgery and my outstanding bill from the previous surgery is N1.1 million.

Challenge: These past two years have been a terrible one for me and my entire family. My daughter who is just 13years old has been through hell and back. She carries this bag on her waist where her faeces are emptied. I want her internal organs returned to its rightful position so she can be normal again. The fact that I don’t have the means to make this happen is saddening.

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Chinwe Agbeze