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BusinessDay readers support sweeper with N102,000

Beauty Japheth, a sweeper in Lagos, has received N102,000 support from three BusinessDay readers to pay her children’s school fees, house rent and start a small business.

The mother of three was featured in this section of Thursday, August 31, 2017 & September 21, 2017 where she said paying her children’s school fees is her greatest worry.

‘‘I have not paid my children’s school fees since September last year. I want my children to go back to school because education is more important. If I had gone to school, I won’t be a sweeper and life would have been better for my family. I also want to start selling foodstuff because it’s a very profitable business,’’ Japheth said in an earlier interview.

The sweeper received N10,000 from Chinyere (Surname withheld) to pay her children’s school fees and N42,000 from an anonymous donor to pay her children’s school fees and her house rent.

Mrs Japheth also received N50,000 from another anonymous donor to start a small business, bringing the entire donation to N102,000.

Presenting the cheque to the beneficiary on Monday, Asukwo Etim, Chief editorial artist, BusinessDay, advised Japheth to use the money wisely.

‘‘Some people sacrificed this money to improve your situation. Ensure you use the money very well so those that gave you this money will be glad they did,’’ Etim advised.

The Sweeper who could barely hide her joy thanked her donors for their support.

In her words, ‘‘they will always go up and their pockets will never run dry. Whatever they lay their hands on, will always prosper. Thanking them is not enough. I pray that God will grant all their heart desires before the end of this month. I’m very grateful.’’

On what she will do with the money, she says, ‘‘I will pay N30,000 for my children’s school (to cover last term and this term), and N24,000 for my house rent (one year rent). I will use the balance to start groundnut business after renting a space where I will stay to sell the groundnut for N10,000(6 months’ rent including agent and agreement fees).’’

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Chinwe Agbeze