• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Expert urged FG to leverage AI to tackle ocean pollution

Expert urged FG to leverage AI to tackle ocean pollution

By Tomisin Fatoba

Judith Jumah, a seasoned maritime operations supervisor with over a decade of experience, is advocating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to combat ocean pollution in Nigeria’s coastal regions.

With AI, Jumah believes Nigeria can revolutionize how it monitors, prevents, and cleans up ocean pollution, protecting its marine ecosystems, coastal communities, and blue economy.

She further highlights the potential of technology and particularly AI-powered “smart port” systems, which use sensors and computer vision to track waste and emissions from ships and port facilities in real-time.

This technology can help identify problem areas and inform targeted action to address them. Additionally, AI can predict equipment failure and leaks in ships and offshore oil and gas facilities, enabling operators to take proactive steps to prevent spills and other pollution incidents.

While AI is a powerful tool, Jumah emphasizes that it is not a substitute for strong policies, investments in infrastructure, and behavior change.

A comprehensive approach is necessary to address the complex problem of ocean pollution. Nonetheless, Jumah is optimistic about the role AI can play in building a cleaner, more sustainable future for Nigeria’s oceans and coastal communities.

“By embracing AI and innovative solutions, Nigeria’s maritime industry can mitigate the risks of ocean pollution and unlock new opportunities for growth and prosperity in the blue economy.” She stated.

Jumah’s expertise and advocacy shine a light on the potential for AI to drive sustainable maritime operations in Nigeria.