• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Land Republic embraces ‘green real estate’ in drive for sustainability

Real estate firm launches ‘Sardius Creek Estate’ in push for sustainability

With sustainability at the core of its activities as a developing real estate firm, Land Republic, says it has fully embraced the green real estate practices in Nigeria.

“At Land Republic, we are conscious of the future and not just the ‘now’. We gear towards building sustainable real estate that doesn’t just satisfy our clients for now but also satisfies them for the future, protecting our environment,” Victor Adesewa Adegbile, CEO, Land Republic stated recently during a media briefing.

Adegbile, a recent recipient of the leadership award and doctorate fellowship of Ghana’s Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, stated that Climate change is an economic crisis pushing more people into poverty in Nigeria.

According to him, extreme heat, unusual storms, and rising sea levels are some of the impacts of climate change currently being experienced in Nigeria, with the flood across 33 states of the federation, displacing people from their homes.

Accordingly, he stated that Climate change will affect all major sectors of the society, as it is one major factor that has a high effect on Nigeria’s economy.

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According to Adegbile, the real estate industry has become aware of its impact on climate change. “While most acknowledged their culpability, little has been done by a majority to address the problem—this is where Land Republic steps in,” he stated.

Like many industries, the real estate industry faces a business climate of the twenty-first century that is riddled with evolving work processes, climate change, and regulatory frameworks. “Only visionary leadership can help it evolve into solving problems and creating opportunities,” Adegbile stated.

Aside from embracing and adhering to climate change regulations, Adegbile stated that Land Republic is taking steps further than the normal regulations which have made its brand more unique and distinct among the majority in the real estate industry.

“Some of the sustainable steps we have taken range from protecting indigenous trees, powering our estates with clean solar energy and having a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified professional to constructing more sustainable buildings. At Land Republic, we are flipping the script and changing the narrative for our proud ssset owners,” Adegbile stated.

According to him, all of these sustainability practices resonate with its brand’s tagline; when you think of integrity and excellence, think of Land Republic.

“This clearly shows in the choice of environment where our properties are located. We don’t just want to satisfy our customers with the profit of real estate, but we study and carefully select locations that adhere to sustainability in years to come,” Adegbile stated.