• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Firm to advance knowledge, collaboration in real estate through workshop

Firm to advance knowledge,  collaboration in real estate through workshop

In a bid to advance knowledge and collaboration within the real estate industry, 27th Development, a real estate company has concluded plans to hold the first edition of its 27th Academy Workshop.

On what inspired the workshop, 27th Development CEO, said: “The inspiration behind the 27th Academy workshop stems from a deep commitment to advancing knowledge and collaboration within our real estate industry. Over the years, I’ve seen the immense potential for growth, innovation, and positive change within our field.

“However, there was a need for a platform that not only brings together real estate professionals but also fosters an environment of open dialogue, idea exchange, and learning. This inspired the inception of the 27th Academy Workshop, where we aim to bridge the knowledge gap, address pressing issues, and facilitate meaningful connections among our real estate affiliates.”

Shedding light on what the conference will achieve, Williams said: “Unlike traditional workshop, we aspire to provide a dynamic platform that not only showcases the latest trends and insights in the real estate industry but also actively encourages interaction, collaboration, and actionable takeaways. We aim to foster a sense of community among our affiliates, where every voice is heard, and every idea is valued.

“The academy is tailored specifically for the development of our real estate associates, equipping them for professional growth and employment within the real estate sector. Additionally, it serves as a means to create a viable source of income for our real estate affiliates.

“This unique aspect sets us apart, as we are not just focused on disseminating information but also on empowering our affiliates for successful careers within the real estate industry.”

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The Twenty7th Academy is an arm of 27th Development, a reputable real estate company. Our mission is not only to enhance the knowledge and skills of our real estate affiliates but also to create opportunities for them to thrive in their real estate careers and financial endeavors. Ultimately, we aim for the workshop to leave a lasting legacy of progress and success within the real estate sector, benefitting both individuals and organisations alike.”

Realtors, investors, and real estate enthusiasts are expected to attend the conference which will hold on November 24th, at The Ebonylife Place.

His Royal Majesty Oba Olusegun MacGregor, Tunde Debayo-Doherty the Executive Director 27th Development and Muibi Kehinde Hammed (MKH) are some of the prominent speakers who will facilitate at the event.