Eximia Realty sidesteps economy, delivers affordable luxury for young families

With technology, innovation and creativity, Eximia Realty Company—a relatively young real estate firm, says it has been able to work around the poor state of Nigeria’s economy, especially at the macro level, to deliver affordable luxury homes to buyers at its new estate.

Authorities of the company said at the launch of the estate recently that, in-spite of the acute macro-economic headwinds caused by the odds and ends of the Covid-19 pandemic, devaluation of the naira and general instability in the polity, they have delivered on their promise to customers.

The 48-unit estate, known as Fiona Lawton Apartments, is located in the Lekki area of Lagos and comprises studios, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments which, according to the authorities, resonate with the market.

“As a residential development, Fiona Lawton Apartments, was done with sustainability effort, customer focus and quality delivery in mind. These qualities prompted the design and construction methodology from inception to completion,” Hakeem Ogunniran, Founder/CEO, Eximia Realty, said. engender

With build quality and regulatory demands in mind, the company paid particular attention to the structural stability of the development, such that each of the three blocks sits on 80 piles at a depth of 18 metres, giving a combined total of 240 piles.

Besides its good location that affords residents convenience and flexibility of movement, Fiona Lawton Apartments boasts out-of-the-ordinary facilities, including 23 units of dome IP camera CCTV with monitors, and 19 solar powered street lights poles and fittings

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Others are indelec Thunder Arrestor Unit; 150kva generator + 250 kva; Fire alarm and smoke detector units for all the apartments; DSTV link for all apartments; Smart meter units; three fire hydrants for each block; 80,000 surface water storage corrugated tank, among other facilities.

Ogunniran revealed that, in line with their strategic positioning, they conceived the estate as a unique offering for the mid-tier segment of the housing ecosystem with a target market comprising young families, first time home buyers, millennials and empty nesters.

“We were convinced, based on our empirical studies and consistent with the global real estate trends, that the era of ‘mac-mansion’ is gone; we saw the robust opportunities in this uncharted ‘territory’ of the market,” he said.

Vouching for the quality and structural stability of the project, Ogunniran said that the Lagos State Building Control Agency(LSBCA) has duly certified the estate habitable as evidenced by the Certificate of Fitness For Habitation that was given to their company by the agency recently.

“Permit me to restate that our promise at Eximia is the fulfillment of our mission of ‘building future dreams today through innovative, value-driven and customer-focused real estate solutions,” he assured.

Continuing, he said, “central to our strategy is the primacy of our stakeholders, including customers, people, partners, communities, investors and the environment. In Lagos State, in particular, we are positioned to complement the THEMES Agenda of the state government by embarking on projects that will enhance infrastructure development and help to bridge the state’s housing deficit.”

Tayo Ayinde, Chief of Staff to the state governor, said that the provision of decent, safe and affordable shelter remains a key goal for governments including that of Lagos, adding that bridging the state’s housing deficit is a major deliverable in the 4th pillar of the THEMES agenda

He noted that the housing sector in Lagos, as in other mega cities, offers opportunities for real estate investors, given the increasing population and the demand for decent and affordable shelter.

“Government alone cannot meet all the housing needs of the citizens. This is why the state government has embraced a global housing policy that seeks to explore innovation and partnership with the private sector to bridge the housing deficit in the state,” he said and commended Eximia Realty for its contribution to the housing solution in the state.