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Burna boy: A glimpse into artist’s luxury home for living, working, leisure

Burna boy: A glimpse into artist’s luxury home for living, working, leisure

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, is an interesting character any day. But, perhaps, more interesting is his new multi-million naira stunning home which passes easily as a sanctuary. This is where the Grammy-winning artist lives, works and entertains his numerous fans.

Burna’s home is one house with two distinct spheres where he has a private cinema and several lounges in his living space. The 32-year-old singer and music producer is warm and open on a good day. Within this home is a private terrace that leads to his primary bedroom suite, a giant sized swimming pool, sunken lounge, large garden, plaques, and his cars.

The story of the two-floor multi-million naira property, measuring 13,000 square feet, kicked off May 16, 2019 and was completed by December 2019, within a space of seven months. At its location in Lekki, the home brims with all the hallmarks of contemporary luxury living.

The 7-bedroom edifice boasts of high ceilings, a private cinema, lounges, vinyl room, and a game room, a music recording studio, gym, and bedrooms. Easily spotted features are paintings in the living room, done by Burna’s younger sister, Nissi.

According to Akose Enebeli, the architect who designed the mansion, there is a large window in the living room, which is adjacent to the pool area. This makes it possible for somebody in the living room to get a feel of the outdoors while staying in an air-conditioned area. The experience, he says, is that “you have this whole visual continuity.”

As one who welcomes a good number of guests into the house, Burna Boy maintains a fully stocked modern kitchen which is essential for him and his guests. He tries to make the most of hosting when his busy schedule allows.

In the building, all-white walls were preferred for the inside. The artist is a collector of sorts. So, he acquired the half horse marble sculpture and female bust, as well as the gigantic golden insect pieces, from Lagos’s Throne of Grace. The bicycle art piece in the home came from Atelier 225.

Deliberately, only a few rooms have doors, with many areas rather opening up onto one another to create a continuous floor-plan. The home is such that even when friends are over, there’s always room for one more at the dinner table.

As an artist, music and art are never far from Burna’s mind, as inspiration can strike at any time. This explains why in this home, he has also taken pains to support local artisans. One example is the inclusion of trumpet lamps from Dulin Gifts in Lagos.

Burna likes living closing to nature. In short, he believes that “nature speaks to me,” which is why in many of the rooms, lush references to nature can be seen. The artist says he is calmed by greenery. Enebeli, in a warm conversion with AD, an online publication, notes that outdoor lounge areas with eco-friendly up-cycled furniture are de rigueur in Burna’s household.

“The red oil drum furniture from Atelier 225 in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire is a reminder of Burna’s Port Harcourt roots, where crude oil drilling nearby is a daily occurrence,” Enebeli notes further.

Burna’s favorite place to relax in the palatial home is filled with vinyl records gifted to him by his grandfather, as well as a record player and some family photos. “It’s just the place that gives me motivation and connection to my reality,” he says.

Deliberately, in the vinyl room, there is no television among all the lounge chairs. This is because Burna wants you to just immerse yourself by looking at all the records and possibly get inspired.

The home is designed in such a way that when the lights need to be turned on, pendant fixtures from Precise Lighting in Lagos get the job done. Drinks can be sipped while “pedaling” on barstools from Atelier 225.

Burna makes new music at home and has two comfortable guest bedrooms at the ready for guest artists and producers who collaborate on his albums. “Burna can go to his studio, record, have his producers around, and feel comfortable without feeling like somebody is around to disturb him,” Enebeli says.