• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Nigeria’s ex-envoy to Mali, Abang, defects to APC

Nigeria’s ex-envoy to Mali, Abang, defects to APC

Chief Sony Abang Nigeria former Ambassador to Mali, has defected to the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC.

Abang who is also a former State Chairman of PDP said he defected to help Ayade build upon his vision for the state.

He described the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as the home of injustice. He defected to his Alike Unit, Iso-Bendeghe in Boki local government during the weekend.

Abang was the former Cross River state chapter chairman of PDP and party governorship candidate.

“The current word that has been trending in Cross River State in the last three months is injustice and any further attempt to perpetuate injustice would spell doom for the state. For those of us who believe in justice we always fight when injustice begins to thrive,” he said.

The governor noted that he defected because of injustice. “And when I left for APC in 2015, it was because of injustice. I left PDP to APC in 2015 because of injustice. And in 2018 I left the APC again because of the same injustice.”

He recalled that in 2018 preparatory to the general election, APC agreed to zone the governorship slot to the Northern Senatorial district for equity and fairness.

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“And in 2019, I saw that Governor Ben Ayade’s position was being threatened. So I returned to PDP, and coming to PDP to meet him, he said he was moving to APC so I had to join him because he is my bosom friend,” he explained.

He said leaving PDP in 2015 was his greatest mistake as a party chairman.

“When I left PDP in 2015, I told them that my greatest mistake as a party chairman was that I railroaded the state into a one-party state.

“The level of impunity that metamorphosed from that singular action was regrettable and that we needed checks and balances in our political system. So we needed to encourage the opposition to win the election,” he said.

He noted that the opposition was not serious as they had two parallel Ecos and secretariat, saying that even in the 2019 elections, they had two governorship candidates and they all failed.

“But today, the political scenario is different because we have the Governor, as the leader of the party, elected members at national and state levels and other retinue of political appointees. So I believe that at this time we would begin to look at the challenges as people who are interested in the development of the state.

“The governor has initiated numerous projects and we must begin to think of how to complete them because they would impact positively on the lives of our people forever,” he said.