Diaspora Nigerians drum support for Oyebanji as APC Ekiti gubernatorial candidate

Nigerians living in the United States of America who are of Ekiti State origin have continued to show support for the APC Gubernatorial candidate, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji (BAO) to emerge victorious in the forthcoming election in the state.

The gubernatorial election scheduled for the 18th of June this year will see the popular candidate of the APC square it up with other party candidates in the race for the number one citizen of Ekiti State.

The APC gubernatorial candidate, Oyebanji’s wealth of experience and his conviction that every citizen is a stakeholder in governance gives him a clear edge for the position of Ekiti Governor haven been the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the State (SSG), former Commissioner of Ekiti State’s Ministry of Budget, Economic Planning, and Service Delivery and Ministry of Integration and Inter-Governmental Affairs respectively, former Chief of Staff and other important political offices under two different administrations.

According to Ola Ajayi, a professional civil engineer resident in the US and the coordinator of “BAO’s Coterie” in North America, Oyebanji is a man of the people who has spent most of his career working in the state and he is readily prepared and well-positioned to make a significant impact in the lives of the people of Ekiti state by redefining governance and delivering benefits of democracy.

“Oyebanji is the most qualified for the job among the rest having worked in the academic environment, agriculture, and financial institution as well as being involved in indigenous politics for many years. His promise of prioritizing youth and education by providing a quality and well-reinforced educational system as a wellspring of knowledge, equipping them with the strong fundamentals they need to prepare them for a brighter, prosperous, and more assuring future is commendable,” Ajayi noted.

Ola Ajayi also explained that “Oyebanji is poised to create an enabling atmosphere for career development, job creation, and entrepreneurial ideas through the public and private partnership that will liberate the people of Ekiti from poverty.

“He understands the importance of agriculture to the state and has developed agricultural and development programs for rural communities to increase agricultural productivity and balance socio-agricultural practices.”

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The BAO’s Coterie group believes security, health, and social services are top-burner issues for Oyebanji in Ekiti State as he is committed to well-funded health centers and hospitals’ projects in the state, finding immediate solutions to power outages, redesigning the state’s transportation networks, and growing the tourism business by investing in natural attractions, tourism, and cultural endowments while incorporating creative ideas into the state’s 30-year development plan, which is driven by sustainable development goals, to set the state on the road to greatness.

According to his biography, Biodun Abayomi Oyebanji was born on December 21, 1967, in Ikogosi, Ekiti State, and attended Ikogosi-Ekiti Baptist Primary School, Awo Ekiti Community High School, and Efon-Alaaye Christ Apostolic Grammar School.

He also went to Aramoko District Commercial Secondary School and the Federal School of Arts and Science in Ondo State. He graduated from Ondo State University with a Bachelor’s degree

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