• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Tinubu’s poisoned Communion analogy is an insult to Catholic faith

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), used a very unsavoury and religiously insensitive analogy in his response to a question about climate change at the AREWA Joint Committee in Kaduna on Monday, where the three frontline presidential candidates took turns addressing the Northern Leaders of thought.

Needless to say that, the unfortunate murder of Debora in the North over alleged insult to Prophet Muhammed by her, is still fresh in our memories, and here is a Presidential candidate speaking so unguardedly in the name of analogy. BAT should apologise to Catholics whose sensibility was insulted by his analogy.
The Holy Communion (Holy Eucharist) is the root and centre of the Catholic faith. The mass in which the consecration of the Holy communion takes place is the HIGHEST PRAYER. It is at the core belief of Catholics that, at Holy Mass, and particularly during consecration, the Host of heaven and earth are united in the Eucharist celebration; the church triumphant in heaven, the suffering church in purgatory and the militant church on earth.
So for BAT to have spoken with such a disdain of the Most Holy Eucharist and to even have spoken of “poisoned Holy Communion” is totally unacceptable and he must apologise to Catholics. Holy communion is different from the host (which is unleavened bread before consecration). Holy communion refers to CONSECRATED host that is consumed at mass and also reserved in the tabernacle so that people could pray in the presence of Our Lord present in the Holy Eucharist.
So, I don’t just understand where his idea of “poisoned Holy communion” came from. Poisoned by what and by who and for what? What an utter nonsense of an analogy! Why didn’t he use salah meat since he was speaking to predominantly moslem people and thus they could have related well with his example? How is it that the Christian doctrine is always their easy object of ridicule. Just as El-Rufai sometime in the past used similar derogatory analogy when he spoke of Jesus and Mary Magdalen.
If it were a Christian that said anything remotely suggestive of irreverence to Prophet Muhammed at such forum yesterday, streets would have been burning by now. But this is a presidential candidate, with already existing baggage of insensitivity to Christians by his choice of running mate, speaking so sacrilegiously about the ROOT and Centre of Catholic faith.
 I am even surprised that the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) has not issued a statement to that effect condemning his unsavoury analogy whereas Governor Lalong of Plateu State (the DG of BAT’S Campaign Organisation) was condemned for similar but less sacrilegious statement when he referred to the Pope.
Enough of all these nonsense in this country! People in high positions should not be talking flippantly particularly in a way that insult the sensibility of a sect or group of people in this country. There is nothing like Poisoned Holy Communion. You can have Poisoned unconsecrated host (the unleavened bread) but not Poisoned Holy Communion.
Like he said yesterday, his handlers asked him to stick to the text of his speech. Let him do so to avoid more gaffee in the coming months. I wish him well and good health as he traverse the country to canvas for votes. He is a bona fide citizen of Nigeria and a former Governor at that. I am not supporting his candidacy but has respect for him. No one would say that since this electioneering season began , that I have dedicated any of my articles to attack BAT or other candidates.
I don’t even have enough time to sell my candidate HE Mr. Peter Obi and thus wouldn’t waste my time to discuss other candidates. So let BAT’S handlers help him well in the coming months. He may have unintended the insult on Catholic faith yesterday but let him know that millions are feeling hurt by that.