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Taking Care of the Small holder Farmers, during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

A lot of Nigerian  Citizens, have being donating and given a lot of money and offering a lot of powerfully, emerging   prayers, couple with the  different types of fasting  e.g. Dry and White fast,  against  the deadly  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

It is high time that the present Government  begin to   plans and  to use the money in  land development, cultivation,  providing  Agricultural Transportation and  palliative measures  and distribute some of the  money to small holder farmers in the country. Use it to build more hospitals and equipped, it with new drugs and the development and supply of farming equipment in most of the rural farming communities, distribution of the farming inputs, providing  the farmers with Cash and Kind. Teaching them the simple Technology of preservation, Farm Management and  food processing,   also  using  the money in the establishment of  farming settlement.

Training of the farmers in the new emerging technology of farming and livestock cultivation, building of   more barns and silos for storage purposes, helping  in the development of all processing centers, that will boost  production and encourage mechanization and given them money to cultivate more land  and use it in the provision of health facilities, building of Infrastructures, roads  and schools in the farming communities.

Finally, it is very   pertinent to guide them and share information, materials and  proactive Extension Services  messages ,  about the Negative  spread of  the  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). What to do and how  to prevent,  mitigate, how  it will not affect the farming communities,  change  the pattern of cultivation, producing and marketing of Agricultural  Produces,  even  how to stop it, so that it will not affect  them and   their  household in the land of the living. Because of their important of the small holders farmers in  Food Production, Security of the land and generally in  Agricultural practices and Economy development.

 Michael Adedotun Oke 

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