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Software engineering empowers Nigerian youths, combating unemployment in the digital age

Software engineering empowers Nigerian youths, combating unemployment in the digital age

The high rate of unemployment leading to crime and other nefarious activities among Nigerian youths has seriously challenged programming as a viable alternative for engaging youths.

Aside from the crucial role that technology is playing in the 21st century economy, it has been confirmed to be the new order for the globe.

It is a 21st century skill that everyone must have so as to be functional in the changing world with its inevitability. Programming is becoming inevitable as a world-order skill that must be acquired by all.

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Software engineering is a crucial aspect of technology that can be taken into consideration by anyone aspiring to become a tech. Software engineering branches include frontend development, backend development, user interface and user experience (UI/UX), development and operations (Devops), data Data Science and product management.

The starting point of the above software engineering opportunities is an understanding of the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Frontend Development: Frontend developers are responsible for the building of the application interface, which is always user-oriented. They also ensured that the application interface was user-friendly and interactive without unnecessary complexity.

To venture into frontend development, there is a need to have a grasp of the basic aspects of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and how they work so as to enhance the proper use of Javascript libraries such as React or VueJS.

Backend Development: Backend developers are responsible for the server side of the application. The backend developers ensure proper storage of data sent by the users and ensure that there is cordiality between the user interface and the request sent to the server.

To specialise in backend Backend Development, there is a need to understand either Python, Java, or Node.js.

Tech (programming) has become one of the most potent weapons in fighting unemployment among the teeming youths of Nigeria and Africa at large, with its increasing employment opportunities for everyone who has mastered the nitty-gritty of the skills.

UI/UX developer responsibility is to create an achievable and perfect design for the frontend developer to recreate with coding. It is the foundation of programming and the stage where the ideas of innovation are converted to visuals.

Knowledge of design tools such as Figma or Adobe Creative Cloud is very essential for creating UI// UX designs.

DEVOPS: Devops engineers responsibility is for the deployment of applications to the cloud for users to be able to browse into the application. Devops requires the understanding of tools like Docker, Jenkins, Git, Kubernetes, Terraform, and others.

Data science: The data science developer’s responsibility is statistical analysis and machine learning. They deal with the collection of data, data integration, data visualisation, implementing data collection techniques, and machine learning. Data science requires the use of tools such as Python, TensorFlow, SQL, StatModel, Matlab, and others.

Product manager: The product manager ensures the application is in line with the business objective and customer needs. The tools to function as a product manager are Trello, Jira, the product plan, the product board, road map tools, and others.

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Nigerian youths yet to venture into tech (programming) can still have their passion and vision channelled to any of the fields to be functional within the ecosystem and become software engineers. This would enable them to be certified and also to have legitimate earnings from any engagement on any of the aspects discussed above.

Software engineering jobs are filled with employment opportunities daily, provided one has the required skills and experiences needed to perform on the job.

In conclusion, software engineering offers Nigerian youth the path to personal growth with a direct correlation with economic growth for national development. Leveraging software engineering and programming helps in creating realistic solutions, driving innovation, and shaping the nation’s future, which is the reality of our dear nation with innovation and invention taking over every aspect of our lives.


Noibi Isola Jelili is a Software Engineer.