• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Prembly: A versatile and innovative tech professional

Prembly: A versatile and innovative tech professional

Prembly is a fast-growing compliance and security company with a clear mandate of making the internet safer for our customers and users. Our flagship products are used to verify individuals and businesses on the most popular apps and physically in institutions across different industries. We have a clear vision to continually unlock the growth potential of digital businesses across emerging markets. We also aim to help many businesses expand globally, free of identity theft and compliance bottlenecks, through our world-class compliance and security infrastructure tools. Today, we serve hundreds of businesses worldwide and are directly interfaced with, by over 20M individuals and businesses annually. We also have a physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya and the United States.

Business Growth Strategies

Our primary strategy revolves around identifying our strengths at an early stage and leveraging them to our advantage. This approach enables us to gauge our growth potential and identify areas to avoid. Additionally, we prioritize investment in research and development (R&D). By dedicating substantial resources to understanding the intricacies of our industry and market landscape, we equip ourselves with valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making and establish a solid foundation for our objectives. Furthermore, fostering strategic partnerships is a cornerstone of our business ethos. We place great emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships with other businesses that complement our offerings or share similar objectives. This commitment drives us to approach engagements with both small and large entities with the utmost seriousness, recognizing the potential for mutually beneficial collaborations.

PREMBLY Business Performance

I would say we have done brilliantly well as a company – At least as commended by the company board, investors and other stakeholders. We have consistently met our annual targets and remain dedicated to fostering a positive business culture that extends its impact beyond our organization and into society. Despite our achievements, we continuously raise the bar each quarter and year, striving to surpass previous accomplishments. Our relentless pursuit of improvement is driven by a commitment to increasing our impact and ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our endeavours.

Comparing The Nigerian Professionals To Their Foreign Counterparts

Absolutely not; Nigerian professionals possess the drive and work ethic necessary to accomplish tasks effectively, alongside their peers anywhere globally. While there may be occasional knowledge gaps in technology, this is not unique to Nigeria and exists in various industries worldwide. In the technology sector particularly, Nigeria boasts a significant number of professionals who demonstrate exceptional capabilities comparable to their international counterparts. At Prembly, for instance, we exclusively develop our technologies in-house and compete favourably with other industry products. Nevertheless, I aspire to see more Nigerian professionals actively participating in global discussions that contribute positively to shaping the world. By engaging in these conversations, we can proactively influence change and ensure Nigeria remains at the forefront of innovation, eliminating the need to play catch-up in certain areas.

Landmark Accomplishments Over The Years

Over the past few years, our reach has expanded significantly from serving solely within Nigeria to encompassing multiple countries across Sub-Saharan Africa, the UK, Europe, and the USA. Additionally, we’ve strengthened collaborations with public institutions, building world-class digital infrastructure across regions, which not only influences but also enhances internet safety. Amongst other notable achievements is the annual verification of over 10 million unique identities and the prevention of millions of fraudulent attempts, safeguarding our customers from identity theft and unauthorized access. What truly brings us pride is the realization that our efforts enable individuals to access local and global products and services securely, as we ensure the verification of their true identities on behalf of our customers.