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Resetting Nigeria’s tertiary education through Wigwe University (2)

Resetting Nigeria’s tertiary education through Wigwe University (2)

Why Wigwe University?

Wigwe University’s unique value proposition makes it stand out. It has a world-class curriculum and faculty. Its curriculum is innovative, new age, relevant, industry-led and world-class. The National Universities Commission (NUC) requires that the university adopt its recommended Core Curriculum Minimum Academic Standards. However, Wigwe University have innovated a curriculum within NUC-approved ambits to create an exciting cocktail of cross and multi-disciplinary degrees and courses, which would prepare our students for the current skills requisitions of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), future of work, leadership capacity and entrepreneurial pursuits and fill their aspirations. Our students would be exposed to Erasmus+ (exchange programmes and internships) with partner and affiliated top-rated universities across the world, regardless of the degree programme of study. Wigwe University’s faculty has a unique mix of home-based, foreign-sourced faculty members and industry partners to provide a curriculum, pedagogy, and learning delivery system that meets global standards and reflects the unique needs of Africa. Its faculty-student ratio is 1:25.

The university has an alignment with the future of work. The university’s programmes and curriculum are strategically aligned with the skillsets required for the future of work and ensure that the delivery of its academic offerings is in line with global best practices. In terms of entrepreneurial opportunities, Wigwe University guarantees job opportunities, including internships and graduate positions, for its top-performing graduates through its established network of partner organisations across sectors and supporting entrepreneurial students to develop game-changing solutions.

The university prides itself in being “connected” and “experiential learning”. The university touts deploying technology in managing all student activities, including course delivery, learning, planning and management, student journey management, and real-time student experience measurement to keep the university ahead of the curve in learning innovation. It is able to do this because of its campus-wide network and internet connectivity, independent power plant powered with natural gas (10 megawatts capacity), innovative systems for lecture delivery, such as smartboards, augmented reality resources, hi-tech laboratories and, innovation hubs, etc.

It also has hybrid teaching and learning for students and faculty members with resources such as immersive 3D cameras and screens in-classroom hologram projection of a faculty member to create an immersive in-person learning experience where the faculty member is not physically present or is hired as an adjunct, using technology in the deployment of simulators for practicum-based teaching and research. This involves an experiential approach to course delivery through active and collaborative engagement, integrating theory and practice, implementing industry-led curricula, work-integrated learning programmes, and internships for all Wigwe University students, regardless of degree programme. For its leadership development programmes, the output would be leaders with relevant resilience to propel Africa to growth, parity or equivalence and possess the audacity to transcend the rest of the world.

All these are achievable with a transformative student experience as the university’s academic facilities, accommodation, and support services are designed to ensure maximum comfort and great campus life. Also, its average faculty-student ratio of 1:25 will ensure a unique and personalised learning experience for students. The university remains committed to sustainability across economic, environmental, social and governance dimensions, with its students undertaking sustainability projects for major and micro-credentialing in all elements of economic, environmental, social, governance, masterclass and mentorship programmes. Wigwe University will leverage the expertise of industry partners and networks to weave applied learning into the fabric of our delivery through mentorships and masterclasses.

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Partnerships and affiliations

The university has and is engaging partnerships that align with our core values and would support our vision to groom future generations of fearless African leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Its partners include Access Bank, Dangote Industries, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Amazon Web Services, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Imo and Kano governments and the Nigerian Content Development Management Board. The university’s affiliations are the University of Creative Arts, United Kingdom, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, and Kernelios Limited (an Israeli-based world-leading institution in cyber security education).

Student inspiration, mentorship and pastoral care

In line with one of its five core values, ‘Be Engaged’, the university reiterated its commitment “from all and to all, structures, resources and facilities will be in place to foster the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of every student.” Wigwe University’s philosophy is to ensure equitable access by all students and staff to all available top-of-the-range academic and support services. To achieve this, several resources have been outlined, including the college buildings.

“It is our philosophy that the learning environment should not be mentally draining but should be one that fosters creativity,” said the university. “Each college building is equipped with six ‘Breakout Rooms’ for students within faculty buildings for meditation, relaxation, intellectually stimulating gaming rooms and tutorial rooms to support student learning.” There are also mental well-being and health facilities, a place of worship for all faiths, a physical and mental well-being clinic with sports instructors and clinical psychologists for students, and private and confidential consultations. The campus is a secure, serene environment and a landscape delight.

For support infrastructure — mentor pairing — students are paired with mentors within and outside the campus environment that align with their aspirations throughout their stay in Wigwe University — student support services, such as career planning and counselling, including pastoral care and crisis management hotline access in halls of residence, periodic masterclasses by well-accomplished Nigerians and international personalities to train and inspire students for growth and success.

Wigwe University’s masterplan

The university campus is spread across 558 Hectares of land developed in phases. Phases one and two and development will span about seven years. Construction of 81 buildings is ongoing, which shall all be completed and commissioned by July 31, 2024.