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Eight tips to maintaining your spiritual wellbeing – Part 1

Eight tips to maintaining your spiritual well-being – Part 2

By Olayinka Opaleye

Recently, I came across a video of a much older man trying to explain racism. While his discussion may seem unrelated, it holds a profound lesson for everyone. His key takeaway was, “You only believe what you don’t know.” He alluded to the fact that believing in your parents sounds and feels awkward because we know them, which is superior to believing in them. Therefore, we believe in what or who we fall short of knowing completely. The clinching twist that climaxed it for me in the conversation was, “You may never know something unless you first believe in it.” Believing or having faith in something beyond our immediate understanding is at the core of spiritual well-being.

The concept of spiritual wellbeing can be likened to this short analogy because not everyone knows that life is spiritual, which is entirely understandable. It is probably not to spook anyone and make this aspect of wellness more acceptable; it is often characterised by one’s ability to discover purpose and meaning in life. Interestingly, spiritual wellbeing is not just one of the eight pillars of wellness but the bedrock of all seven. There is a scripture that captures this succinctly. It says, “A human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit?” Aside from the fact that a healthy body cannot endure a sick spirit, it may be almost impossible for an external force to intervene, too. This scripture is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength an unbroken spirit can provide in the face of physical or emotional challenges.

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Another essential aspect to note here is that although spiritual wellness is not about your religion, values, conduct, ethics, culture, interactions, or morals, all these life attributes have profound ways of shaping it. A simple example to buttress this is someone who values the truth. Such people will always experience a form of imbalance within themselves whenever they tell lies. For such an individual, one of the best ways to maintain good spiritual hygiene is to always ensure their values match their actions. This could mean being honest in their interactions or seeking truth in their personal beliefs. Drilling down to values, it may also interest you to know that values vary from one person to another. You may have three siblings from the same parents with different values. What informs our values in the first place is our upbringing, experiences, or personal reflections.

As much as we may not want to be involved in religious practices, especially at work, everyone needs to be spiritually well to enjoy balance in their overall wellbeing. Have you ever wondered what to do when life’s lemons manifest as a disease, loss, anxiety, fear, anger, disappointment, discontent, discouragement, envy, indecision, jealousy, self-condemnation, self-indulgence, sensitiveness, or unhappiness? Thomas Troward, a mental science thought leader, referred to them as disquieting things of life that wear the body, soul, and spirit to a near breaking point. This is where spirituality is mainly appreciated in maintaining one’s balance, as some life issues may take work to address. So, here are the first four tips to try:

Value and action alignment: The importance of identifying your personal values cannot be overemphasised. This process helps you understand yourself and empowers you to guide your actions. When your values and actions are in harmony, you effectively control your life’s direction. This understanding can also improve your relationships with co-workers, staff, family, and friends. Remember, these values are not to be contradicted by your actions or inactions. For example, if you value your health, you can align this with exercising regularly, eating balanced diets, and practising sleep hygiene.

Prioritise peace and harmony: It can be pretty unsettling when conflict between values and actions occurs. These discrepancies or misalignments often set us off through disruption that hampers peak performances. Understanding the root cause and resolving the issue through realignment reestablishes one’s balance. When being your authentic self becomes challenging, corporate values or ethics will automatically override your values because whatever makes for a greater good is paramount. You may then wonder what to do when the secured outer peace isn’t translating to inner peace, especially when it deprives you of being your authentic self, hence stifling your growth. Such unsettling feelings need to be properly evaluated before a firm decision is made to leave the environment altogether or find a coach or mentor to guide you through.

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Drawing comfort and support: When life throws its unexplainable punches or lemons, having somewhere to draw comfort or support from is not just crucial but also comforting. Whether it’s your local worship assembly, meeting, fellowship, or personal practices like meditation, reflection, prayer, confession, or words of affirmation, your body, soul, and spirit can be kept together until you prevail. Remember, you are not alone in this journey of spiritual well-being. There is always a source of comfort and support available to you.

Maintain routines and practices: Aside from drawing comfort and support from one’s faith, generally accepted measures and practices have been scientifically proven to help find this balance. For anger, step outside for fresh air and take deep breaths; for anxiety, take long walks; for diseases, make positive confessions and allow only healthy thoughts; for discontent, sing out loud or quietly, but be sure the songs are optimistic. For discouragement, ask yourself some serious questions. For fear, banish it with positive thoughts, brisk walking, or strenuous exercise; for jealousy, be prayerful and watchful. For sadness, confess encouraging words and meditate on them day and night.

Call to Action:

It is worth noting that there are diverse ways of handling these life issues. Also, what works for you may differ from what does for others. However, the few tips shared remain universally acceptable. These tips are not just for a select few, but for everyone who is on a journey of spiritual well-being. So, feel free to share with me how you handle some of these listed life issues by sending an email to [email protected]. Your experiences and insights are valuable and can help others on their own paths.


Olayinka Opaleye is a Well-being Specialist and Corporate Wellness Strategist from Lagos. She can be reached on 09091131150 or via www.linkedin.com/in/olayinkaopaleye.