• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Spiritual head advocates for selfless governance and people-centered policies

Woo voters with love, not money – Obu

Political Leaders in the Country, including Traditional Rulers have been warned to stop oppressing their people.

The warning was given by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu the Spiritual head of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star to mark the World Missionary Crusade Fellowship.

According to leader Obu, they should stop wasting Government Money by killing animals in government houses is that what is done in America, they should serve the people.

For Nigeria to attain all-around prosperity and social and political stability, the country’s leadership at all levels must work according to God’s plan, and imbibe in themselves the virtues of love, peace and selflessness while discharging the tasks of governance.

This was the view of His Grace, Archbishop (Prof.) David Irefin, international chairman of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) New World Missionary Crusade Fellowship.

Irefin who stated this in Calabar on Saturday on the sidelines of the Fellowship’s 48th anniversary, declared that the crisis people are facing all over the world is a result of man’s deviation from God’s ordained path, hence the New World Missionary Crusade Fellowship of the BCS has come to redirect people’s step towards the right track.

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“When you look at the whole world there’s nobody who is serving God, and that is responsible for what you are seeing, what you are hearing. Anybody who serves God must have peace. Before Adam committed sin against God did you hear that Adam was sick? Or Eve was sick? Did they complain about sun? About the rain? No. But since man fell from that grace, we started having problems. God is physically here now. If we don’t take this message to the world, the whole world will be destroyed”.

“The nature of the world is violence, fornication, stealing, killing, vengeance. This is why the world can never be stable. The owner of this earth has rules to guide us on how to live here. God did not create the world for violence and oppression. All the politicians and traditional rulers you see now are oppressing their people. The resources that’s available they claim it all to themselves. It is in their own interest to stop looting because very soon when the Holy Spirit will look at Nigeria the center will not hold”.

“When our Lord Jesus Christ came he demonstrated it and said that if you want to be a leader you have to be a servant. Christ never looked for his own good. He was looking for the good of the oppressed. God is sending us to go tell political leaders to stop what they are doing. They should work for the interest of their people. In a good state, until the least person has what to eat, a governor of the state is not supposed to think about what he’s going to eat. Just as in your house. If your children have not eaten, will you eat”? No.

“All the resources belong to all of us. So anybody who is to organize and allocate these resources must share it to everybody. But you cannot do it unless you are selfless and accept to practice the teachings of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, because it is basically on love for one another, forgiveness, humility, patience, long-suffering, mercy, tolerance and peaceful coexistence,” he said.

The Archbishop, however, went on to highlight the achievements of the BCS New World Missionary Crusade Fellowship, including bringing people together for a common good, creating awareness about the presence of God on earth, advocating for good governance, redirecting people to serve God, among others