• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Low turnout in polling units in IJesha, Bode Thomas


There was low turnout in several polling units in Ijesha and Bode Thomas in Surulere local government areas of Lagos State for today’s gubernatorial and state House of Assembly poll when visited around 11am.

In IJesha several youth were seen in major streets playing football and blocking several of the roads.

In some of the polling units in IJesha about 10 people or less had voted at about 11:10am.

Similar experience was noticed in Bode Thomas as several polling units was empty.

Few voters were seen casting their vote in 029 in Bishop Hopewell street, Eric Moore towers.

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Some of the electoral officials complained about the poor turnout of voters, wondering why people refused to come out to cast their vote.

“I don’t know why people are not coming out to vote, you can see the polling units empty. Few people have come out, but the process is going on smoothly as you can see”, Joy Akeem a polling agent said.

Speaking on the election, Moshood Salvador, chieftain of the Labour Party (LP) said the LP did not present the right candidate for the gubernatorial poll.

He added the that lack of preparation of the opposition parties affected the turnout of voters

According to him, “For every election there is peculiarities, there is no inducement vote for credible candidates.

“You can see what happened in Oyo State, where the governor voted for APC in the presidential. You can see what happened in Rivers State where the governor worked for APC.

“It is not different, that is why conscience forum endorsed Babajide Sanwo-Olu. APC would win this election is not 12pm yet.

“The act of not recognizing important people have made PDP lose completely. This would be a big lesson to Labour Party.

“Obi is different and we all know his ideology and he as something similar with me, creating job, local consumption and production.

The LP did not take our advise, I called them and they did not allow us to even speak with them and offer my advise.

“ There the some basic things the LP candidate needed to do, like visiting some prominent groups and people, but he did not visit and refused to recognize them”.