• Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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What Unified Payment’s e-commerce gateway means for businesses

What Unified Payment’s e-commerce gateway means for businesses

Unified Payments, a financial technology service provider, has launched its new e-commerce gateway services that will allow its users to conveniently pay with their phone numbers.

The new payment gateway platform built by Compass Plus Technologies, a payment processing company, will introduce Unified Payment’s clients to a range of new, convenient and secure payment methods including Pay-with-phone-number, phone-number-on-file and pay-by-link.

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Agada Apochi, managing director, Unified Payments said, “We are delighted to have successfully migrated our payment gateway to the latest technologies, working with Compass Plus, “This makes us the first institution in Nigeria to enable certain payment options including pay-with-phone number on 3DS2.2 compliant standard, ensuring we deliver the smoothest and most secure payment experiences possible.”

“It also puts us in the perfect position to introduce new payment methods to our customers, solidifying our commitment to leading Africa’s digital payment innovations,” Apochi said.

According to the company, this 18-year partnership between the two technology companies has enabled Unified Payments to become the first institution to achieve 3DS2.2 certification that supports first-in-kind secure and seamless payment options.

“Unified Payment’s mission is to become Africa’s dominant and world-class e-payment service provider by leveraging the most advanced technologies available,” it said.

To maintain its leadership position in the market, the Fintech giant, needed to migrate its existing payment gateway to a solution that would enable it to achieve 3DS2.2 certification in the shortest time frame possible and provide enhanced payment experiences through secure omnichannel payment platforms that also allow for quick adaptation to changing consumer preferences.

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“We are proud to have supported Unified Payments to become 3DS2.2 compliant institution in Nigeria and the first to achieve certain payment options,” said Rustam.