• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Umahi issues new guidelines on road construction

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…bars state controllers from acting as resident engineers on sites

David Umahi, Nigeria’s minister of works, has barred state controllers of works from acting as resident engineers on site in a new guideline aimed at better delivery of road projects in the country.

Similarly, under the new guideline, the entire length of the roads, going forward, must be completed and made motorable to road users before a payment certificate can be prepared for contractors.

“I plead with all ministry of works staff and contractors not to prepare any payment certificate to any contractor if the entire length of the road of a contract is not made motorable to road users.

“All projects must have resident engineers immediately. I must know the cost before engagement and I will not honour any paper again where there is no resident engineer from October 1, 23. State controllers are barred from being resident engineers,” he said.

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As part of the new guideline signed by the minister, in addressing projects with price variation and augmentation, all calculations, site joint measurement, site written instructions, geotechnical reports, survey reports and sketches must be submitted.

“For me to sign and own any interim or final certificate, I must as the minister and an engineer know how we arrived at such decisions. I am not against variation in prices and contract augmentation but I want to be shown in calculations, sketches, site joint measurements, variation site instructions, geotechnical reports and joint site evaluation reports.

“We cannot stay in the office and issue payments to contractors without visiting the site or having knowledge of what is happening at the site.

Umahi directed that ongoing projects, especially those in the southern part of the country be completed using concrete, adding that for ongoing projects in the north, the shoulders can be on concrete and pavement on asphalt.

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He, however, stressed that whether asphalt or concrete, contractors must obtain a performance bond from a reputable bank to guarantee at least 50 percent of the design shelflife of the project.

“Let us know the cost of the concrete amount by full or partial concrete. These two bills shall be presented to me and I will make decisions. I have not changed any sub-grade, sub-base or base course of any ongoing project, cost or design but only the pavement structure.

“Contractors will be doing earthwork – base course, expose the road to traffic for 60 days before putting any pavement and after this period, shoulders could be cast using mobile mixers and good vibrators while carriageway, especially on trunk “A” roads shall be on concrete paver machines,” he said.