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Traction, SIA partner to promote tech training for female youths

Traction, SIA partner to promote tech training for female youths

Traction, a growth partner for small and medium businesses in Nigeria, is partnering STEM IN Africa (SIA) to train young women from low-income neighbourhoods in Lagos, aimed promoting technological development and societal growth.

The third edition of the conference held by SIA in collaboration with Traction, held in Lagos on September 1, 2022 was themed “SIA Summer camp: Girls innovating for change.”

The SIA foundation was founded by Fara Bakare to drive an increase in STEM education amongst young Africans, with a focus on secondary school students. The 2022 edition primarily focused on driving the awareness of STEM subjects amongst female secondary school students.

Some of the speakers at the 2022 conference included members of the Traction team – Morolake Dairo, head of marketing, Traction; Anuoluwa Onabanjo, customer success analyst, Traction; and Victoria Ekanem, head of business operations, Traction.

The participants learnt from the experiences of the facilitators about the career options available to ladies in tech (code and no code roles), requirements for each role, the role of data in building a business and the importance of character building in attaining one’s selected goals.

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The speakers from the Traction team further encouraged the ladies to employ the skills they have acquired in addressing the needs their society may be encountering. They also reiterated the importance of determination in attaining one’s set goals, and emphasised the importance of looking beyond their environment to take bold steps in achieving these goals.

Fara, the convener and founder of SIA, said “Proud to have a partner like Traction support us who are of the same mindset with SIA that change requires inventiveness, and to do so we need to empower the youth.”

“We are so excited to begin this relationship with Traction, this is truly the beginning of this relationship. The students were so excited to learn about all aspects of business from data to marketing. They were also inspired to see females who were in their exact positions not long ago rising to positions of power and impact. Thank you for believing in us and welcome to the family.”

As a brand, along with our commitment to the growth of SMEs, Traction is also passionate about the all-round growth of the community, especially the people in it. We look forward to other growth strategies to keep this going for SIA.

Such partnerships are in sync with our desire to support the African business ecosystem and technological advancement, Traction is looking to invest in the next generation of technology disruptors and what better way to do so than to give back to society by buttressing the work SIA has started in these communities, “said Morolake Dairo, head marketing, Traction, during the workshop.