• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Tinubu declares state of emergency in food sector

Don’t lose hope in Tinubu’s administration, APC diaspora chieftain urges Nigeria

Bola Tinubu, the President of Nigeria has declared a state of emergency in the food sector, aiming to tackle the growing concerns surrounding food security.

According to Dele Alake, special adviser to the president on special duties, communications, and strategy, the President has officially declared a state of emergency on food security. This declaration signifies the urgency with which the government intends to address the prevailing challenges in the sector.

To ensure comprehensive and effective measures, Tinubu’s administration plans to engage various strategies. These include bolstering the security architecture within the food sector, implementing mechanization techniques, and clearing land for enhanced agricultural productivity.

Recognising the critical role of fertilizer in farming, the government will prioritize the widespread deployment of fertilizers to farmers. Also, the maintenance of strategic food reserves will be a top priority to safeguard against potential shortages.

To facilitate innovation and research in agriculture, Tinubu’s administration will collaborate with institutions such as the National Seed Council and Research Institutes. This partnership aims to enhance crop development and improve agricultural practices across the nation.

Furthermore, the government intends to promote year-round farming by leveraging the 11 river basins development authorities. This comprehensive approach will help maximize agricultural output and minimize dependence on seasonal fluctuations.

Addressing the issue of escalating transportation costs for food items, Tinubu’s administration plans to explore various means of transportation, including railways and waterways, to reduce logistical challenges and ensure efficient food distribution.

In addition to these measures, the President has announced the establishment of ranches as immediate interventions. This step aims to support the livestock industry and contribute to the overall stability of the food sector.

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