Tech firms dominate top 100 brands ranking on account of rapidly changing world

Tech firms dominate top 100 brands

Technology companies have for the umpteenth time led BrandZ’s top 100 most valuable global brands ranking for 2019.
In the top 2 is Apple with $309.5 billion brand value, Google is in number 3 with $309 billion. Microsoft retained its 2018 position of number 4, while Visa climbed from 7 position in 2018 to the 5th with brand value of $177.9 billion. Facebook with brand value of $159 billion was in number 6. Tencent and AT& T were the other telecoms firms that made the first 10.

However, Amazon, a retail company climbed from 3 position to number one in 2019 with brand value of $316 billion. Amazon’s rise to first position ends the technology giants’ 12-year dominance of first position. Alibaba and McDonald were in number 7 and 9 positions with brand values of $131.2 billion and $130.3 billion, respectively.
Technology companies have led BrandZ’s Top 100 ever since its first global brand value ranking in 2006. The report said consumer technology brands pass the $1 trillion brand value mark.
The dominance of technology companies in BrandZ top 100 ranking reflects the rapidly changing, technology-driven world in which consumers are placing more value on richer brand experiences.

As other social media platforms face challenges in terms of trust and desirability, Instagram (No.44, $28.2bn), now with over 1 billion users worldwide, emerged as this year’s fastest riser climbing 47 places with a massive +95% growth in brand value
The report further said that despite the economic uncertainty surrounding the US and China trade tariffs, almost a third of a trillion dollars ($328 billion) of value was added to the BrandZ Top 100 Global ranking over the last year, giving it a combined brand value of $4.7 trillion – roughly the combined GDP of Spain, Korea and Russia.

David Roth, CEO of The Store WPP EMEA and Asia and Chairman of BrandZ, says: “The growth in value of this year’s top 100 brands to an all-time high proves the power of investing in brands to deliver superior shareholder value. Behind this headline growth figure lies the success coming from a new phenomenon of ecosystem brand building.
“We’re seeing a move from individual product and service brands to a new era of highly-disruptive ecosystems. Brands need to understand the value this type of model can create and should embrace its approach to be successful in the future.”

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