• Sunday, May 19, 2024
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AI education is critical to adoption — US Consular General

AI education is critical to adoption — US Consular General

Will Stevens, the U.S. Consular General, has emphasised the need to educate people on the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in light of recent issues relating to overreliance and misuse among users globally.

He recently spoke about this at the U.S Consul General’s Tech Policy Speech and Fireside Chat at the Lagos Business School. Stevens also spoke on the importance of AI and how educating people on its use rather than restricting them from it is essential.

“Taking AI away is not the solution. Educating people on how to use it, when and why is the right way to go. We need to make our children understand that boundaries are important as well,” he said.

According to him, cell phones were also thought to be misused before they became widespread and gained acceptability.

“When cell phones came, they were also a form of distraction. But today, everyone has adjusted, and now there is a balance,” he highlighted.

The Consul General also spoke on the United States’ effort to promote responsible use of AI through its ‘AI Connect’ initiative.

“AI Connect brings together policymakers, academics, practitioners, and other private sector representatives from selected countries to work with the Atlantic Council to support their country’s efforts to develop robust AI strategies, foster meaningful connections between individuals working in the same region on responsible AI development, and bring their voices to international forums to enable more inclusive global conversations,” he explained.

Stevens further highlighted the importance of partnerships in accelerating Africa’s technology potential. He noted that public-private partnerships can help develop Nigeria’s digital skills and technology talent pool in many ways.

He added, “Companies can partner with universities and training programs to build tailored curricula that teach in-demand skills. This ensures the talent pool matches the needs of the industry.”