• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Tech firm launches AI Robot to curb children’s screen dependency

Tech firm launches AI Robot to curb children’s screen dependency

Pecoo Technologies has introduced its latest innovation, the Pecoo Kids AI Robot, aimed at addressing children’s excessive reliance on screens.

During the recent launch event in Lagos, Esohe Idemudia, managing director of Pecoo Technologies, highlighted the motivation behind creating the solution, saying that it would address the defects of screen dependency such as situational awareness and negative effects on the brain and eyes.

Idemudia further explained the benefits of the Pecoo Kids AI Robot, adding that listening requires more effort than watching and helps children develop their focus and cognitive abilities.

She said: “The robot is non-visual and engages the children through their listening ability thereby developing their brain cells. X-rated content has been eliminated from the point of programming.

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“By encouraging children to listen, the robot stimulates their brain cells and enhances the creation of content, including imagery, creativity, and language skills. The robot operates without visuals, ensuring that X-rated content is eliminated from its programming.”

In terms of usage, Idemudia mentioned that after purchasing the robot, users need to download the accompanying app to access its features. The app can be personalised to suit each family’s preferences by creating a playlist.

Furthermore, the robot facilitates communication, allowing parents to send messages and information to their child, who can respond with a simple click of a button.

“The app includes preloaded stories, songs, and educational content. The Pecoo Kids AI Robot itself is durable, made of ABS plastic, and can be monitored by parents,” she said, adding that “it requires an internet connection and can adapt to different accents, enhancing its usability and accessibility.”