• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Stop ‘catching cruise’ with Mohbad’s death – Police


Police have advised sympathisers to stop ‘catching cruise’ with the death of Ilerioluwa Aloba also known as Mohbad, a Nigerian singer who died last week.

‘Catching cruise’ is a Nigerian slang term for making jokes or taking things lightly. The police have said that it is insensitive to make jokes about Mohbad’s death, as his family and friends are still grieving.

This piece of advice was given by Olumuyiwa Adejobi, Force Headquarters’ Public Relations Officer, in reference to the late singer and the candlelight parade planned in his honour on September 21, 2023.

Adejobi claimed that supporters who visit Mohbad’s parents to inquire about the situation are obstructing the security agencies’ investigations

He said, “Individuals are coming out to interview (the deceased) mother and father, for what purpose? They are affecting the process of investigation because if you ask someone a question during interrogation, the second time you’re asking the same question is not going to be the same thing. He must have a second thought that is what I said the first time might not be the truth. But if you have gone there even before the police, you go there to ask the man questions, by the time the police would go, the man must have reduced all his statements. You are affecting the process of investigation.”

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“People will just go, do a video saying ‘see the mother of Mohbad’. It is not worth it. You don’t trend on issues like this. People are mourning. The wife is mourning, the children or the child is mourning, partners are mourning, and then you go there because you want to cruise. Anything you do on Mohbad now, you’re going to have large engagements, perhaps many want to get money from Twitter or Instagram. No! Don’t cruise with Mohbad’s death. Let us mourn him and allow the police and security agencies to carry out investigations. This is what we have promised”, Adejobi said.

The police have also urged people to stop sharing unverified information about the case. They have said that this is spreading misinformation and could lead to violence.

The investigation into Mohbad’s death is still ongoing. The police have said that they will share more information about the case once it is available.

In the meantime, the police have asked people to respect the privacy of Mohbad’s family and friends. They have also asked people to be patient and understanding as the investigation continues.