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Starfield hosts sporting competition, calls for improved students’ participation

Starfield hosts sporting competition, calls for improved students’ participation

Starfield Schools has organised its tenth inter-house athletics competition, where the school management emphasised the need for students to invest more time in sport related activities.

Speaking at the event which held at Agege Stadium in Lagos, Juliana Eigbe, proprietress of Starfield Schools, Iju in Lagos, said sports have become a money-spinner in the world.

According to her, stakeholders including parents need to show more interest in sporting activities and to encourage their children to participate more.

She said inter-house sports impacts positively on students’ psychomotor and social development.

Eigbe however said this year’s competition is unique owing to the fact that it was the first time the primary and secondary schools would have a joint inter-house sports event.

“It is also unique in the sense that it is the first edition since the outbreak of Covid-19 which prevented us from bringing students together like this to compete against one another in athletics,” Eigbe said.

She however promised that Starfield will continue to give its students the best in all areas of development including skill acquisition, urging the students to display the spirit of sportsmanship as they compete.

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John Okoye, chairman of the event, lauded the management of the school for organising the sporting competition, noting that proper combination of academic work and sports will contribute positively to the development of a total child.

On her part, Feyijimi Matilda, sports teacher, said physical education is an important part of all subjects taught in schools while the practical part of it is the inter-house sports competition.

“If a school is good academically, it must also be good in sports. Through inter-house sports, many talents have been discovered. Sporting activities also help students to do well in academic,” she said.

Olufunke Adebayo, a parent, also acknowledged that sports will sharpen the skill of students and aid them to do well in class.

“I will encourage my children to participate in sports. My son wants to be a footballer. After school, we will enroll him into an academy. The school is trying its best to horn their skill in sports,” she said.

At the end of the sporting competition which witnessed spectacular displays of athletics and performance play of bursting of balloon, planting of flags, big slippers, skipping race, march past, relay races and other events, White House emerged winner, Red House came second while Sky Blue came third position.

In the secondary school category, Blue House came first; Red House took the second place while Yellow House took third position.