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Review of AISOP law underway, says OAAN president

Review of controversial AISOP law underway, says OAAN president

The Advertising Industry Standard of Practice AISOP law is under way for review, Emma Ajufo, the outgoing president of Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria, OAAN has revealed.

The expected review is to accommodate various interests and views of advertising sectoral bodies, some of whom are disenchanted with some the provisions of the law. AISOP was introduced on October 6, 2021 to guide and regulate the business of advertising in Nigeria.

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Since the introduction of the law by Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, ARCON, the industry has erupted, with Advertising Association of Nigeria, ADVAN, the big spenders , openly disagreeing with some its provisions.

AISOP covers engagement policy, payment terms and method, media rates and commission, remuneration model, disengagement protocol, returns on advertising investment and measurements, dispute resolution and other related business protocols.

Speaking to newsmen recently, Emma Ajufo who says that OAAN supports AISOP agreed that there is not perfect law. He said member operators believe that some things could have been done better.

While ADVAN opposes the stipulation of 45 days payment period on contracts, Ajufo said on OAAN side, in charge date was not included in the law.

“In-charge date is critical to us as pitch fee is critical to the creative agencies. You invite us and give us material to display but the clients say until we display, our in-charge does not start counting, but we insist that two weeks after the contract, in charge should start.”

He argued that this is because clients may not give you materials to display for weeks after, resulting in the board being vacant for the job. “We need this to be included in AISOP”, Ajufo who became president of OAAN in 2019 said.

He however appealed to those who feel that AISOP has not fully represented them to be patient for the review to make their presentations for consideration.

On his stewardship, he said OAAN was able to confront its challenges in the last four years. “In the past, we shied away from taking up issues with our regulators who are supposed to be there to enhance the outdoor business”. He maintained that OAAN does not have issues with regulators but has issues when policies are unfriendly to business.

He said most of the money owed regulators like LASAA by the industry are debts charged on vacant sites. While pleading with government to reconsider some of its actions, he said it is not justifiable to charge OAAN members on vacant sites. He said the regulatory law says OAAN members should pay on earning but the members don’t earn on vacant sites.

He was delighted that a core practitioner has become managing director of Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency as he hopes that his tenure will bring positive effect in the industry and tidy the vacant site regulation. He expects a mutual respect for each other.

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He said within his tenure, the Constitution of the association was reviewed to be in line with modern day realities.

The association during his tenure engaged signage authorities both in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna and some other states to review their regulatory laws that were unfavourable to outdoor business.

He said the association has rebranded and now known as Out of Home Advertising Association of Nigeria and this is the first stage of the rebranding process. “This indicates that we are forward looking””.

Under his tenure, OAAN established a cooperative society which has been commended by the Lagos State government. He said the cooperative society is also helping the outdoor business to develop especially in the face of high interest rates from banks.