• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Real estate firm empowers CEOs through digital strategy training

Real estate firm empowers CEOs through digital strategy training

Hassan Ismail, chief executive officer of Eystone Real Estate Company Limited has underscored the importance of digital strategy and data-driven decision-making in driving business success and growth.

Ismail, in his address to business leaders during the digital strategy boot camp held recently, urged business chief executives to embrace the benefits technology avails to the modern-day business world.

According to the CEO, “The importance of digital strategy for chief executive officers in today’s business world cannot be overemphasised.

Those who fail to embrace digital transformation risk being left behind, and those who can leverage digital technologies to their advantage will be the ones who thrive.”

The real estate expert, who addressed business leaders during the digital strategy boot camp held at Marriot Hotel, Ikeja, explained that the aim of the training was to empower business leaders with the necessary tools to drive revenue growth through digital channels.

“As the business world continues to rapidly evolve, digital transformation has become an essential tool for companies looking to remain competitive and achieve success in the digital age,” he said.

The business tycoon also explained that, in today’s digital age, businesses have access to vast amounts of data, and that chief executive officers who know how to use this data to drive growth and innovation are well-positioned to succeed.

He showed a practical lead generation funnel that his company uses to capture real estate buyers to his business and how participants can duplicate and domesticate the same system.

The event attracted many business leaders from various industries who wanted to learn how to leverage digital technologies to boost their businesses.

Through practical sessions on social media marketing, lead capture, and customer relationship management, participants gained invaluable insights into how to develop and implement effective digital strategies.

Participants also learned about the need for continuous learning and innovation, as well as best practices in digital marketing, website development, and online reputation management.

For many business leaders to successfully adopt the necessary digital strategies, many of the participants called for more initiatives like Hassan Ismail’s digital strategy boot camp in helping business owners grow their businesses.

The success of the digital strategy boot camp serves as a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of digital transformation in the business world.

By empowering business leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive revenue growth through digital channels, Eystone Development is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of business in Nigeria and beyond.