• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Outsourcing professionals urged to re-model strategy to tap pandemic opportunities

Outsourcing professionals urged to tap pandemic opportunities

An expert has urged outsourcing professionals in the country to tweak their business strategy to enable them tap from opportunities created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Olufemi Boyede, president, Koinonia Global Services Inc. who spoke during the virtual fellowship investiture/membership induction organised by the Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria (AOPN), said that the pandemic has created shining enlightenment on the outsourcing industry.

“We need to remodel and redesign our portfolios to fit the new normal. The outsourcing professionals need to seize opportunities created by the pandemic to create wealth and generate employment,” he said.

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He noted that when an outsourcing partner lacks preparedness, clients may take back work in house, adding that companies are looking for outsourcing firms that would increase productivity and performance increase or make them remain competitive.

He stressed that how quick outsourcing professionals can redesign their models to fit the new normal determines whether the industry thrives or not. He advised the professionals to take advantage even if the country is not ready to mainstream outsourcing into the economy.

To redesign their portfolios, he urged them to do extensive research, make portfolios and deliverables flexible to the new normal, meets standards, and identify entry points among others.

He added that the global demand for services is growing daily which professionals can take advantage of giving the example of the disruption on the supply chain caused by the pandemic.

“Rapid development of new products and services or redesign of supply chains becomes necessary when demand is suddenly disrupted by a global crisis such as Covid-19,” he said.