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How Nigeria can unlock outsourcing potential

How Nigeria can unlock outsourcing potential

…India, others point the way

Nigeria can learn from other countries like India and Philippines and other outsourcing pioneers to unlock its outsourcing potential, create jobs and drive growth.

Olufemi Ogunlowo, Group Managing Director of Strategic Outsourcing Ltd (SOL) Group, said Nigeria must assimilate invaluable lessons from global outsourcing pioneers.

Ogunlowo, who was represented by Akintola Olaniyan, Head of People Management, SOL, said the India outsourcing success holds pivotal lessons that Nigeria can integrate into its outsourcing framework for future growth and competitiveness.

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“We must learn from the best practices of countries/organisations that have excelled in outsourcing. We can take cues from their experiences and apply these principles to our work in Nigeria,” Ogunlowo said at the 9th Investiture Conference of the outsourcing professionals of Nigeria.

India’s remarkable success in outsourcing stems from strategic investments in human capital, robust IT infrastructure, and a conducive business environment, according to experts.

“India’s success story demonstrates that when a nation invests in human capital, builds robust IT infrastructure, and promotes a business-friendly environment, it can continue to do well in terms of drawing outsourcing business from across the entire world,” Ogunlowo said.

He added that Nigeria can emulate this blueprint by prioritising talent development, enhancing technological infrastructure, and fostering a business-friendly climate to attract multinational investments.

With its exceptional English proficiency and skilled labour pool, Ogunlowo believes the Philippines has emerged as a top global outsourcing destination.

Nigeria, he said, can leverage its linguistic diversity and invest in skill development to position itself as an attractive hub for outsourcing, focusing on language skills and specialised training.
Singapore’s success in technological innovation and fostering international collaborations offers a blueprint for Nigeria.

Emphasising innovation, digital transformation, and cultivating global partnerships can elevate Nigeria’s outsourcing landscape to attract multinational corporations.
Also, Ireland’s deliberate creation of a favorable business environment, coupled with a talented workforce, has attracted major tech giants, Ogunlowo said in his keynote speech.

Nigeria can replicate this success by creating an ecosystem conducive to multinational corporations, encouraging sustained investments and technological advancement, he noted.

According to experts, leveraging the outsourcing industry can further amplify Nigeria’s role as a tech investment destination, fostering local talents and drawing in international investments.

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Mope Abudu, President of the Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria, in her welcome address, said, “As we know, with the new administration, there are a lot of opportunities that we should all be pursuing but they will only be transformed into reality through every one of our efforts.”