• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Omicron: Nigerian travellers lament over treatment by Ghanaian government

Omicron: Nigerian travellers lament over treatment by Ghanaian government

Nigerians travelling through the Ghanaian airport have continued to lament over the treatment meted out on them by the Ghanaian government.

Following the rise in Omicron variants across the world, countries have beefed up efforts to contain the spread of the virus, and the Ghanian government in a bid to do the same has been accused of allegedly maltreating Nigerian travellers.

In a viral video circulating on social media, Nigerian travellers were seen held up in isolation centres designated by the Ghanaian government.

These travellers allege that they have been held up against their will and were lied to by the Ghanaian government that they had tested positive for COVID-19, whereas tests carried out in Nigeria show they were negative.

“We have been in this isolation centre for the past two days and we are forced to pay $100 (N56,000) per night to isolate here. The place is very dirty and we do not have access to water or food at the hotel,” an affected lady said in a viral video.

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She said despite several pleas to move them to a government isolation centre in the city, the Ghanaian officials have declined the request, and are offering only antibiotics to the Nigerian travellers, who tested positive for the virus while on transit.

“After seven days of paying $100, if you still test positive, they allow you to go but you must pay $700 before having your passport back.

“Those who don’t have money are left at the lobby of the hotel without drugs, which are usually antibiotics,” the lady said.

She called on the Nigerian government to come to their aid.

The Ghanian government recently announced that it will fine airlines $3,500 for each passenger flown into the international airport in Accra without being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Under the new measures, air carriers will also be fined the same amount for travellers, who fail to fill out a health declaration form before boarding their flight to Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

According to the new rule, Ghanaians who fly in without meeting the requirements will be allowed to enter the country but will undergo 14-day quarantine, while foreigners may be refused entry.