• Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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OAL launches ‘compendium of space treaties, policies, laws, regulations in Nigeria

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As part of Olisa Agbakoba Legal’s (OAL) efforts to advance the space sector and knowledge in Nigeria and beyond, the law firm has launched a book titled ‘OAL Compendium of Space Treaties, Policies, Laws and Regulations in Nigeria.’

Unveiling the 146-page compendium to the media in Lagos Wednesday, Collins Okeke, partner/head of Public Sector Practice Group, whose department is directly in charge of the Space Law in the organisation, said: “The book is a response to the call from numerous students, legal practitioners, professionals, investors, intending investors, and all Nigerians for a single reference material that will bring together all major international treaties and domestic laws on space that affects Nigeria as a major actor in the Space industry in Africa and as a developing global giant in the space industry.”

Okeke also said that the book contains “The Outer Space Treaty; The Moon Agreement; The Liability Convention; The NASRDA Act; The 2015 NASRDA Regulation; among other treaties, laws, policies, and regulations.”

He further explained that a short introductory summary was provided at the beginning of each treaty, policy, law and regulation to give the reader a panoramic view and a roundup of the focal interests of the instrument before going into the key provisions.

“This will also suffice for a reader whose sole interest is gaining an idea of the instrument as against the detailed provisions of the instrument. Consequently, this compendium is both beginner-friendly and detailed reference material for professionals in law and other fields. “It will also make a good read for space enthusiasts who are desirous of knowing how space activities in Nigeria and worldwide are governed and regulated.”

According to him, “Electronic copies of the book can be downloaded from the OAL website at www.oal.law.”

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Okeke, who was flanked by Associate, Sanctus Ojonimi; Managing Partner, Yvonne Ezekiel; Partner/Head of Public Sector Practice Group, and Emmanuel Agherario, all members of the group, said: “Olisa Agbakoba Legal is the only law firm in Nigeria with a practice group dedicated exclusively to advancing space law in Nigeria.

OAL has a long history of working with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited (NIGCOMSAT), the National Assembly, policymakers, and, in particular, the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) to help strengthen the legal, institutional, and regulatory framework that governs space activities in Nigeria.

“This includes reviewing and analysing the current space policy and developing a new policy that covers more aspects of space activities, (e.g. military policy, public policy, commercial policy); harmonising national laws with principles in international law, and ensuring all areas/aspects of space activities are covered by domestic legislation.”

According to OAL, the book, which would be accessed online at the moment, would be in print as the need arises.