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Northern farmers will return to their farms in 2023, Obi pledges

Obi notches most Twitter followers since presidential race began

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 General election, Peter Obi has assured the Northern region that his Presidency if elected will give the region a premium place in his agenda because the wealth of the nation is in the region.

Obi, who titled his remarks, ‘the unmet Needs of the North’, told the Arewa Joint Committee Interactive Session at the Arewa House Auditorium, Kaduna, on Monday 17th October 2022, that the region is strategic to the development plans of Obi-Datti administration if elected President in 2023.

“We shall pay as much attention to the development of the North as to the development of all other parts of the country, but with much greater emphasis on the development of the Agricultural resources. The North remains where the biggest and sustainable wealth of this great Nation lies,” he said.

The LP Candidate said that they intend to pursue aggressively policies, programmes and projects to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of all the sectors of the Nigerian economy.

According to him, “ We will offer immediate and decisive long-lasting and permanent-effect resolution of all security challenges in the North; Ensure that farmers return to all farmlands for the 2023 farming Season. We will make Nigeria’s arable land in the North her new oil and gold.”

He also said that as part of the party’s Marshall Plan for Education, “we will foster Federal intervention in education at all levels in the North and partnership with State Governments and international organizations in order to improve access to affordable and quality education at all levels; Ensure very adequate representation in government, equitable appointments, especially in the Security and Economic Sectors; Incentivize the resuscitation of the moribund cotton and textile industries; and full exploration of the cattle economy value chain, notably the $75b global hide and skin economy.”

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He announced that Nigeria’s share of the global industry is envisaged to generate over $1bn by 2025; and his administration will ensure very generous deployment and allocation of economic and social projects and infrastructure in the North – with keen attention to Roads, Energy, Power, and Dams- and Solar energy from Sunlight.

Obi said that a new New Nigeria was possible and the Nigerian people wanted solutions to the many problems confronting them.

“But we must return to the dreams of our founding fathers to create an egalitarian society. The Nigeria we seek will be a United and Secure Nigeria that symbolizes the spirit, letters, and exhorting ethos of our national anthem – “one nation bound in freedom, peace and unity” where “peace and justice shall reign.”

The former Anambra state Governor said that the Obi-Datti ticket planned to offer Nigerians purposeful leadership with the fear of God and with all good conscience and intent. where the Constitution and the rule of law will always prevail.

Obi also told his audience that includes Northern Corporate and Political leadership that Nigeria’s situation got this bad because “Our leaders became selfish, myopic and stopped listening and caring for the common man. Bad leadership, divisive rhetoric, and impunity became the norm. Nigerians have suffered; they have lost jobs and lost their farms and herds and their trust in our leaders. That narrative must change.”