• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Norrenberger promotes financial literacy to mark 2023 Children’s Day

Norrenberger Pensions grows assets by 17%, contributors, by 5%

In celebration of the 2023 Children’s Day, Norrenberger, an integrated financial services group, is hosting a remarkable Children’s Day event targeted at promoting financial literacy in children and parents while fostering financial inclusion.

The two-part event designed for parents and young children is aimed at highlighting the significance of cultivating a culture of saving and investing as well as making key financial decisions to secure their future.

The event scheduled to hold at Norrenberger headquarters in Abuja and will feature a free financial literacy workshop for children from ages 5 to 15 and a financial clinic for parents. Both groups will have access to financial advisors, who will engage them in interactive sessions to make learning and investing fun and memorable.

Prior to the event and as part of our Children’s Day celebration, Norrenberger hosted a webinar designed specifically for parents/guardians, themed ‘Investing the Norren Kickstart Way: Protecting the Future of your Children.’

The webinar focused on educating parents/guardians about the importance of making financially savvy decisions for their children. Participants were also enlightened about opportunities to kickstart their investing journey with the Norren Kick-start Investment Account. The webinar was informative and provided valuable insights into the best financial planning practices.

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Speaking on the event, Abigail Utomi, group head, Asset Management said: “We have started initiatives like this to advance the agenda of the partnership among the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to enhance financial literacy in children and youths through sessions that discuss topics on personal finance, investing, and trading with technology on the stock market.

“Children are the future of the country. The best time to provide them the information they need to make smart financial decisions is at an early age, and we are committed to promoting programs like this that unlock opportunities in our society” she said.

“In line with our commitment to deliver at least one financial solution to every household by 2025, Norrenberger will be gifting participating children with stock-brokering accounts with Norrenberger Securities Limited, each featuring two current performing stocks.

“Norrenberger remains passionate about raising the next generation of Nigerian youths to explore their entrepreneurial potential to become employers of labour and captains of industries in the long term. We are confident in our mission to simplify wealth creation for individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa, children inclusive”, Utomi added.